Our One Month Old Baby ~ Miss Avalee-Rose!

January 3, 2019


Ms. Avalee-Rose is growing so super fast!!  I can’t believe that this little person used to live inside my tummy. 

Our little girl is picking up weight fast, so much more so than her sisters used to at this age. Which means that nearly every day she is looking slightly different!

In a way, I’m pretty sad that my newborn baby is changing so fast.

She is my last baby and I want to hold on to that newborn stage for as long as possible, but at the same time, I’m happy that she is a good feeder and that she is gaining some healthy weight.

She totally fills our lives with loads of joy … in between the challenges and lack of sleep!! haha

Our month with Avalee has been challenging, as life with a newborn baby is supposed to be!

Our little bundle does not love sleep as much as her mummy does and some days I feel like I am spending more time putting her to sleep than what she is actually spending sleeping. I have a typical baby that seems to wake up as soon as my head hits the pillow to take a nap, and when you are exhausted, this can leave you feeling pretty agro and it doesn’t take much to feel sorry for yourself as you pick yourself up to keep going, that nap fading away from your brain.

In actual fact, I have simply given up on the concept of even thinking about taking a nap.  Whoever said that you should take a nap when your baby sleeps, just truly does not know what sort of babies I tend to have.  Only one out of my three allowed me that luxury.


Loving mom carying of her newborn baby at home. Bright portrait of happy mum holding sleeping infant child on hands. Mother hugging her little 2 months old son.

Month One Stats:

  • You have absolutely no routine! So there is no predictability and for a mommy that loves a feel of ‘control’, this has left me a little bit upside down.
  • You get the hiccups multiple times a day. This is truly frustrating as it seems to happen just as I get you to sleep, which means you wake up, but you also get extra tired from the constant bombardment of the motion of the hiccups. Which then leads to crying!

our-one-month-old-baby family

  • You tend to make a dirty nappy as soon as your eyes close.  Why oh why do you think that is a good time to do it?  Is it because you are relaxed?  Or is it on purpose?  So again, we have to change you and you wake up and the whole putting you to sleep happens all over again!  argh!
  • Our day tends to be a repeat of feed, hiccup, poop, sleep, and repeat!
  • I am totally head over heels in love with your massive big yawns.


  • And the way you shake your head when you get close to the boob – it’s like a ‘shark’ attack haha.  So cute!
  • Once your tummy is full with yummy warm milk, you get the most satisfied look on your face, your pull your legs up – crossed over and you stretch your one arm up high!  I called it the ‘matrix move’ haha!
  • You are really bizarre with your sleep because you keep pulling the weirdest faces, have a cry and then keep on sleeping.  You do this about 6-8 times before eventually forcing yourself out of your sleep.  It keeps us on suspense that is for sure!  We keep watching you, expecting you to wake up, so there is no relaxation for us.
  • You are alert and super curious about the world around you.
  • Your feeding is all over the shop, demand feeding is the only way to go with you. You gag on the dummy, so I can’t even trick you to soothe yourself with that.  The demand feeding has been really hard for me as I feel like I am sitting on the couch breastfeeding all day long and my breasts are engorged constantly, my nipples always sore!  I am definitely not a fan of breastfeeding, I only do it because I know it is best for you.
  • Your eyes are steel blue, we are secretly hoping they will stay blue.
  • Katie has started telling you that you have the biggest blueberry eyes!  You truly have the most beautiful massive big eyes, eyes that look straight into your soul, you definitely have both your mommy and daddy wrapped around your finger.
  • To put you to sleep we have to jiggle and bounce!  Sharp movements – as if we are walking works best for you.  Daddy calls this his ‘dance’ with you.  I think it is so exhausting, but hey whatever works.
  • From birth, you had a really strong head, and right from the start, you were really ready to learn more about the world around you.
  • By week 3, you were giving us some beautiful adorable, super short little smiles!  Your smiles light up your whole face, your eyes twinkle and with that smile, my hardest day with you becomes all worthwhile.
  • You HATE the car capsule!  You scream and scream and scream ALL THE WAY!!  So hard!  You are not a fan of the pram either, the only way to move about is with the use of a baby carrier. See our guide to help you find the best newborn carrier.
  • You sleep right next to our bed, in a rocking cradle.  We love having you close by and listening to your breathing.
  • Night time feeds tend to happen around 1:30-2:30 am and then again around 4 am.  Your first sleep from around 10-11pm is your longest. You ‘moan’ a lot in your sleep from the winds!  We find it really hard to burp you! (hence the hiccups!)
  • By the end of this month, you were already in 000 size clothes!  Those newborn clothes only lasted for 2 weeks.
  • and lastly – you love to bath.  You screamed in your first bath, but ever since you just absolutely LOVE it!!


Some Cute Things to Record:

our-one-month-old-baby family

Daddy’s names for you – Avie, Babba

My names for you – Avie, Avalee, Ms Avie, Poppet, Precious, Sweetpea

It has been a challenging month, every single time I forget how much work a newborn baby is.  How challenging it is to go to the toilet or have a shower.  And sometimes my stomach grumbles for hours before I get to eat something.

You only manage to stay awake for around 20 min after a feed before you start whining that you are tired, which doesn’t leave much time to get things sorted.

But we do love absolutely every minute of being parents to you and we truly feel like you have completed our gorgeous little family!

You are a blessing and I can’t wait to see you grow and learn more about your passions in life!

Love you lots my little Poppet, xx Mommy!

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