About Me


Hi There!  Thanks for being interested in reading more about Mum Knows Best.

I’m Jolene, I’m a thirty-something (close to forty-something — shhhh!) mum of 3.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I spend my time being a mum and working in our home based businesses – working from home is a great way to balance motherhood, work and lifestyle!

I realized ages ago, that I need to find new ways of doing things that work best for me and my family. That works with our chosen lifestyle and that reduced the stress as much as possible.

Which is why I created this website. To journal out the best ways that I have found to run things in my home. The best ways I have found of raising my kids and managing everyday mum-tasks, as well as the best ways in which to travel the world with kids.

Everyone’s perception of ‘best’ is different. So I’m not trying to presume that what works best for me will work best for you, but I’m happy to share my ideas, my tips, and my guides and to let you decide whether it is something you would like to take on board or whether you wish to push the idea to the side.

If you wish to read more, I recommend that you hop right into our three main categories on our blog: Home, Kids or Travel.

Talk soon,

xx Jolene