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Ablespine Review – Does Ablespine Work?

January 10, 2021


ablespine review

A couple of weeks before Christmas I tried to roll over in bed one night and discovered I had terrible pain in the back of my neck/left shoulder/spine region. One of the perks of getting older – managing to injure yourself while asleep! I managed to get myself comfortable again and hoped and assumed that I would feel better in the morning.

I did not! The following few days were very uncomfortable for me. I couldn’t really turn my head properly, instead having to turn my whole body around to look at something or face someone who was talking to me.

I tried all sorts of things – heat packs, walking, rolling on a tennis ball and even painkillers. Here’s a picture of some of the contraptions I tried:

help for back pain

Each helped a little but nothing made a lasting impact. I must have done some googling looking for what else I could try because, before too long I was cleverly targeted by a Facebook ad for Ablespine.

I had never heard of Ablespine but I checked out their website, watched some of their youtube videos and read some of their reviews – I’m usually pretty thorough like this before committing to buy anything online.

The price was pretty high (around $150) for what looked like a big, green piece of rubber that you lie on…but I was still suffering with this persistent back/neck/shoulder pain and was very tempted to just buy it and give it a go.

Instead, I did what I always do, I decided to sleep on it – after all, who knew? Maybe my pain would be miraculously gone by the morning and I wouldn’t need to spend any money to make it stop? But, alas, sleeping/lying in bed only made my pain worse!

By the next morning I was pleased to see yet another ad for Ablespine in my Facebook feed – it was time for me to take action. I decided I could call it a Christmas present for myself but, if you think about it, the price of $150 would only really be about the same expense as a few trips to a chiropractor.

I ordered my Ablespine on a Friday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to receive it on the Monday following that weekend! Such fast delivery was almost unheard of given that it was December and Melbourne was still recovering from our long Covid lockdown.

I guess being in Melbourne and the product being shipped from Melbourne helped too. Anyway, I was thrilled to receive it so quickly as I had suffered through a weekend of pain and was really hopeful that this funny looking device could help me out.

To give you an idea of just what the Ablespine looks like, here’s a picture of it next to a tennis ball. See what I mean? It’s a big, lumpy piece of green rubber!

does ablespine work

I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any instructions included in the box. I just looked at the picture and tried to align myself on the device as best I could.

It was uncomfortable!

I had been putting up with pain for quite some time by this stage so I was willing to persevere through discomfort if it would help to ease my back pain. But, a tiny voice inside me was wondering if I’d just forked out $150 for an uncomfortable lump of green plastic.

I lay on it for a few minutes and then realised that maybe I should go back and check out the Youtube videos again as maybe there were some tips I needed to make this thing work for me.

I rolled off the Ablespine – that was not fun or easy to do either – and stood up. I could not believe how much more freely my neck was now suddenly able to move. 


Now I was starting to think maybe I hadn’t been duped out of my money and this was going to work! My pain was not gone completely but it was the best it had been since it had started and my range of motion was so much better.

Later that same day I returned to the Ablespine Youtube channel and watched a couple of videos there. I got a better idea of timing – how long to lie on it for and where to put my arms. I had another go, this time following the video’s suggestions.

It was painful/uncomfortable to get into position again, but once on it and aligned well it started to feel more comfortable. I did 4 minutes with my arms down by my sides, 2 minutes with arms out to the side, and then I tried to do another 2 minutes with my arms extended back up over my head – the girl in the video makes it look so easy! That part was not easy!

I then rolled off the Abelspine – this is still my least favourite part of the process – I find it difficult and uncomfortable to get off the device.

This time when I stood up my pain, which had been peaking at times at a 7 or 8 out of 10 was instantly down to about a 1 or 2! To say I was delighted is an understatement! I could turn my head (almost) freely and the pain was reduced so much! I could not believe that this lump of green, hard rubber was actually helping me so much!

I have used the Ablespine daily and the pain is now pretty much gone – I still get a twinge occasionally, but maybe that’s just middle-age settling in! 
About a week after I ordered my Ablespine I received an email from the company which had links to the videos to watch in order to get the most out of the Ablespine.

It seems that the fast delivery was a surprise to them too as I assume you’re meant to get the email around the same time as you receive it rather than a few days later as I did. This would have been helpful, but luckily I had figured it all out by then.

I am not a chiropractor or back specialist and my condition was never officially diagnosed by a medical professional. I took a punt on Ablespine out of desperation and hope that it would help me.

Yes, I could have just gone to a chiropractor, but I really don’t like being adjusted. More than that, I really like to fix things “in house” if I can – I only ever seek professional help if it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re an introverted type like me, you’ll understand!

I would absolutely, 100% recommend giving Ablespine a try if you’re looking for a way to ease your back pain at home. It definitely worked for me! I’m still using it every day just to give my back a really good stretch and hopefully help with posture and maybe stop future episodes of back pain before they happen.

Save $10!

The good people from Ablespine contacted me recently after reading this article and have generously offered to give my readers $10 off! So, if you think an Ablespine might be just what your back needs, use the code MUMKB10 at checkout when purchasing your Ablespine and you’ll get $10 off your purchase.

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  • Reply Laura June 24, 2021 at 2:36 am

    Preach it sister! I read your post before getting the ablespine and just reread it again today after using it for the first time. I have tears inmy eyes from laughing about how you felt using it and getting off it cause..omg yes! I had dislocated some ribs a few weeks ago and slowly betting better but I thought the expansion of using it would help. Well ouch, it hurt and took me quite a while to relax into it but it does feel better now. The rest of my back was complaining quite a bit also but again feeling better and I didnt even realise they were tense. I could feel how tight things were when I was laying there.. esp when i tried the “raise your arm above your head. I was like.. um is it supposed to be this hard? And I that bound up? Wow. Looking forward to using it more. Awkward rolloff dismount or not. Thanks for your review

  • Reply Alexander Rawle September 16, 2021 at 4:38 am

    I also laughed because my experience was exactly the same at the start.
    I also had the exact physical issue that brought AbleSpine into my world however I had been experiencing it on a reoccurring basis for at least 15 years.
    My photo of “things iv tried” would make yours look like microscopic and AbleSpine has mailed it in one.

    I use it every day and a few months in I’m still waiting for it to fail almost like a girlfriend that seems to good to be true to suddenly leave! But no. It keeps on keeping on.
    Really stoked.

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