Our Sugar Sweet 2 Months Old Baby Girl – Stats & Records

February 3, 2019


Two months old baby girl wearing floral dress and headband laying near text board and hugging teddy bear.

How did it happen?  How did we get to 2 months old so fast? 

Your newborn “look” has vanished and in her place, we have a pretty chubby little bubba!

Those rolls on those legs are pretty pronounced and the cheeks have filled out beautifully.

We love watching you grow and learn about the world around you.

Newborn Feet

Soft newborn baby feet against a pink blanket.

We are all in love with this little person and we are so excited to be taking her on her first overseas trip in slightly less than a week.

Sweet 2 months old baby girl can you please slow the days right down?


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Our Sugar Sweet 2 Months Old Baby Girl

Miss Avie’s 2 Month Old Milestones

  • Your quick brief smiles quickly developed into a smile after smile!  By the end of the month, you get so excited that when you get truly happy your arms flap around and your little legs kick like crazy.
  • At the start of the second month, you started ‘talking’.  Those first noises that are not cries are just so super sweet!  A bit of a ‘grrrrrrrr’ as your shoulders contract with the pressure to get the noise out, and some ‘ccooooooos’- I love the look on your face after you make your sounds, you look so damn mighty impressed with yourself haha.
happy mother with baby

happy mother with baby

  • You still don’t really have a routine and your feeding and eating tend to be all over the shop.
  • You love watching things, one of your favourites happens to be our roof fans!  I think it is because we change your bum underneath one, so we always tease you and say that fan is your best friend because you always give the fan your biggest smiles!!!
  • You also recently in the last week or so discovered your hands, you clasp them when you drink and we tease you saying that you are praying to God for your milk.  You also enjoy sucking on them now!
  • Still no dummy for you, even though we try.  I think we own around 10 different dummies, different types, and sizes … but nope, it just ain’t going to happen!
  • You are also starting to enjoy the gym mat and you get pretty excited when you accidentally hit those toys hanging above your head.

happy mother with baby

2 Month Old Baby Sleep

  • You are starting to stretch your night sleep, by the end of the month you tend to go down around 9:30-10:00 and then sleep through until around 4-5:30. We still get that occasional 1:30-2:30 wake up and when it comes around it is a shocker of a night as you never sleep more than an hour for your second night sleep.
  • At night time you generally settle super fast back to sleep. You tend to fall asleep feeding, and then Daddy dances with you for 15 or so min to get those burps up.
  • You tend to wake up around 7 am, which is great because your sisters can have a bit of a chat and play with you before they head off to school.
  • You are very stubborn when it comes to daytime sleep, you truly try your best to keep your eyes open for as long as possible. I always tell everyone it is like they froze in place.  Sometimes we go outside, so the brightness of the sun forces you to shut them!
  • I also at long last managed to get you to fall asleep in your pram at the shops, yay for me.
  • But most of the time, you will only sleep in our arms and if we try to pop you down you tend to wake up.

Baby Sleeping 2 months

2 Month Old Baby Weight

By the end of this month, you are already starting to move into 00 clothes and you are approaching the 6kg mark! Definitely one super healthy baby.

Other Baby Bits to Record

  • Your sisters adore you to bits.  But watch out if you burp or make a dirty nappy whilst in their arms, as they tend to just ‘dump’ you and make a run for it. Haha!
  • You still get hiccups daily, but less so than what you used to get.  So grateful for that.
  • You screamed your little head off whilst getting those nasty immunisation shots. It was so hard to watch.
  • Your growth spurts have been super challenging, some days you spend the majority of the day screaming, which is super draining (and also very unlike you!!)

baby crying 2 months

  • You still hate the car seat, but just in this last week you actually fell asleep in the seat (after loads of crying), so I’m hoping it is the start of new things.
  • We have also taken you out and about on various walks by the beach.  You are mostly in the baby carrier where you fall asleep pretty quickly and easily. Interested in grabbing a carrier? See our detailed baby carrier guide.
  • We are on the countdown for Bali. While I’m truly a bit nervous about how we are going to go with the transfers when you just scream in the car all the time, I’m so excited!  So ready to have your daddy around for almost 3 weeks and time for some exploring and relaxation.  We have your passports ready to go!  Bring on some good quality time as we head into your third month!
  • And lastly, I will forever and always be totally in love with you.  I’m so lucky to be your mum and to watch you grow and learn.  (But maybe slow down a touch okay!?)

Sometimes the days go by so super slowly and I hang out waiting for Daddy to come home and swap with me so I can have a short break.

But somehow the months seems to be going by fast. I’m so aware of the fact that you are my last baby and I want to absorb every little moment with you as much as I can.

Love you so much my little person!!

Mummy xx

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