Our Guide to Help you Choose the Best Baby Carrier for Your Needs!

August 21, 2018
Best Baby Wrap Carrier

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world. But, it is also the most delightful, don’t you agree? Although you would gladly move worlds for bringing every happiness to your child, doing so takes an unbelievable amount of effort.

And one of the toughest things to figure out is how to buy a suitable baby-carrier for your precious one. A baby carrier not only secures them when you need both hands free but provides your child with the utmost comfort all the while.

So, how do you pick the right one? Don’t worry; we’ve brought you a guide to help select the best baby carrier for your child.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Baby Carrier

How to choose the best baby carrier

1. Age of the baby

If your baby is less than six months old, make sure that you get a carrier that is warmer and specially designed to keep infants comfortable. Your baby’s legs shouldn’t dangle but rest comfortably supported by the carrier.

2. Height and weight of the baby

Since baby carriers come in different sizes for different heights and weights, make sure to get one that fits your little one perfectly. It should be able to hold your baby’s weight in all circumstances easily.

3. The purpose of the carrier

Best Baby Carrier for Travel

Select a carrier which will cover essential points such as frequently traveling with your child in it or breastfeeding whenever need be, even outside of your home.

4. Ease and frequency of use

Get a baby-carrier that is ergonomically designed. It should be easy to use and something that you can quickly wear anytime you want. It should also be wearable for long hours and even then ensure complete comfort. You should also be able to clean it thoroughly.

5. Budget and Quality

We understand that not all desired things will fit your budget. But do make sure that you get a model that is of standard quality and durable. When it comes to baby products, quality is something that you should never compromise with. A quality product will always ensure your child’s safety.

You can always pick a sturdy baby-carrier with every required specification in reasonable price even if it’s not very flashy or fancy.


Types of Baby Carriers

1. Baby Slings

Slings consist of a single piece of cloth that goes over one of your shoulders and forms a pouch to hold your baby in front of you or on your hip. These also have shoulder rings that allow you to adjust the sling by pulling its loose end through the rings.

2. Wraps

This is a long piece of fabric that you can wrap around you and your baby and tie the loose end up to make a comfortable pouch. Wraps can be easily cleaned. But these can also be a bit difficult to use and is often hot to wear.

3. Mei-Tai

This has got four straps connected to the main body of the carrier. This can be tied and worn in various ways.

4. Soft Structured Carriers (SSC)/ Buckles

These have padded straps with a thick waistband attached to the main body. The buckles that are usually present help disperse the baby’s weight onto your hips or shoulders.

5. Baby Backpack Carrier

Backpack Baby Carrier

These types of baby-carriers are designed for carrying older babies and toddlers on your back for long hours.


What Will You Choose?

We understand the struggles of being a parent. And we seek to help you out in getting the best baby carrier that will preserve the bond you to share throughout the growing years. Hope you liked reading this guide.

Till next time!

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