Your Guide to the Best Baby Carrier, Sling or Wrap in Australia [2021]

January 19, 2021


Best Baby Wrap Carrier

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world. However, it is also the most delightful, don’t you agree? Although you would gladly move worlds for bringing every happiness to your child, doing so takes an unbelievable amount of effort.

And one of the toughest things to figure out is what to look for when buying the best baby carrier for your precious one. A baby carrier not only secures them when you need both hands free but provides your child with the utmost comfort all the while.

So, how do you know which baby carrier to pick? How do you know which are the top baby carriers?  There are so many different types it’s hard to know which is best. Don’t worry; we’ve brought you a guide to help select the best child carrier for your little one.

This guide will take you through all the different types of the best baby wraps and carriers to help you determine which is right for you. These best baby carrier reviews not only explain the different types of baby carriers, but also provides suggestions on some of the most popular baby carriers currently on the Australian market.

So whether you want a forward-facing baby carrier, the best baby sling, the best baby wrap carrier, the best Mei Tai baby carrier or the best baby backpack carrier – this guide covers them all. The guide looks at some of the best baby carrier brands, including top of the line options as well as some of the best cheap baby carrier options.

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My Pick for the Best Baby Carrier 2021: Ergo Carrier Aura Wrap

If you don’t have time to read my entire baby carrier comparison guide 2021 and just want to hear my recommendation; then I recommend the Ergo Carrier Aura Wrap.

I just love how the Ergo Carrier is made from light material making it perfect for the Australian climate.  It also has flexible positions and is super convenient given one size fits all features.   I also really like the convenient self-storage bag so you can easily pop it into your handbag ready for those sometimes challenging shopping trips.

Keep reading below for my full review on the Ergo Carrier Aura Wrap.

Top Baby Carriers – Comparison Chart 

To make it a little easier for you, below I have included a handy table where you can see all the 10 best baby carriers contained in this guide.  It lists the key features side by side to help you choose the best baby holder that’s just perfect for you.

Keep reading below for more information on each of these best-rated baby carrier options.

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Name / ImageTypeWeight RequirementsPrice GuideOur RatingBuy Now

Ergobaby Carrier 360 Cool Air Mesh
Soft StructuredBirth to 20 kgs$$$4.5/5
Baby Bjorn One Air CarrierSoft Structured3.5kg to 15kg$$$4/5

Ergo Baby Aura Wrap
Wrap3.6kg to 13.6kg$$4/5

Manduca Carrier
Soft Structured3.5 to 20kg$$4.5/5

Chicco Carrier
Soft Structured3.5 to 11.8 kg$4/5

Bebamour Carrier
Soft StructuredBirth to 20 kg$$5/5

Daisy Gro Wrap
WrapBirth to 15.8kg$4.8/5

Vlokup Baby Ring Sling
Sling3.6 to 13.6 kg$5/5

Cuby Baby Ring
SlingBirth to 36 months$5/5

Bulba Baby Sling
WrapBirth to 36 months$5/5

Types of Baby Carriers

There are a range of different types of carriers available, all which have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Some are easy to use but pricey, some are cheap but complicate, whilst others are designed for newborns and some types for older babies.

Here is a brief run down of the different types of carriers available:

1. Wraps

Wraps are the most traditional type of baby carriers available.  These baby carriers are basically a long piece of fabric that you can wrap around you and your baby and tie the loose end up to make a comfortable pouch.

The best baby wearing wraps are suitable for newborns, usually inexpensive, easily cleaned and comfortable for baby and you.  However, some wraps can be complicated to work out and are often hot to wear.

2. Baby Slings

Slings consist of a single piece of cloth that goes over one of your shoulders and forms a pouch to hold your baby in front of you or on your hip. Some of the most popular baby slings also have shoulder rings that allow you to adjust the sling by pulling its loose end through the rings.

Baby slings are ideal for infants but don’t usually suit bigger babies.

3. Soft Structured Carriers (SSC)/ Buckles

These days the most recommended baby carrier is the soft structured carriers.  These carriers come with padded straps with a thick waistband attached to the main body. The buckles that are usually present help disperse the baby’s weight onto your hips or shoulders.

Usually, these types of carriers provide the option of having your baby facing you or facing outwards.  Usually, newborns need to face towards you for added support.

Soft structured carriers are easy to use, and the same carrier can be adjusted to appropriately fit both mum and dads comfortably.  Although these types of carriers do tend to be more expensive.

4. Mei-Tai

A Mei-Tai carrier is somewhat in between a wrap and a soft structured carrier as it contains features of both.  The Mei-Tai has the structured baby pouch like the soft structured carrier, but with the long pieces of fabric that you tie around your body.

A Mei-Tai can be worn in various ways and as it is fully adjustable can be used by both parents with ease.

5. Baby Backpack Carrier

A baby carrier backpack is like it sounds, a carrier that is worn like a backpack, which baby sits in and faces forwards.  These types of baby-carriers are designed for carrying older babies and toddlers on your back for long hours.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Which Baby Carrier

How to choose the best baby carrier

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world. But, it is also the most delightful, don’t you agree? Although you would gladly move worlds for bringing every happiness to your child, doing so takes an unbelievable amount of effort.

And one of the toughest things to figure out is what’s the best baby carrier to buy for your precious one. The best baby harness carrier not only secures them when you need both hands free but provides your child with the utmost comfort all the while.

So, how do you pick the best baby carrier on the market? Don’t worry; we’ve brought you a guide to help select the best baby wearing carrier for your child.

1. Age of the baby

If your baby is less than six months old, then the best baby harness is one the is warmer and specially designed to keep infants comfortable and well supported. Your baby’s legs shouldn’t dangle but rest comfortably supported by the carrier.

Older babies and toddlers don’t require the same level of support as newborns do and in fact prefer to be able to more around much for freely.

2. Height and weight of the baby

Since baby carriers come in different sizes for different heights and weights, make sure to get one that fits your little one perfectly. It should be able to hold your baby’s weight in all circumstances easily.

Check the weight restrictions before purchasing – both the lower and upper limits.  Some of the top-rated baby carriers can accommodate both newborns and toddlers.

3. Comfort

In terms of a comfortable baby carrier, I’m referring to both the comfort of you and your baby.  If neither of you are comfortable wearing the carrier, then its not going to be used very often.

The best baby carrier for baby is one that provides a natural fit for baby and that their legs are not displaced or constrained too much.  Additionally, good baby carriers for newborns will ensure baby is well supported, whilst for older babies they’re going to want room to move around freely.

To ensure the wearer of the carrier is comfortable, the best buy baby carrier is one that is ergonomically designed.   The most ergonomic baby carrier are ones that are fully adjustable to ensure they fit both you and baby perfectly.  Also look for a carrier that is made from fabric that is soft and feels comfortable against your body

Baby girl in a backpack carrying her mother on the body. Travel with small children.

4. The purpose of the carrier

Select a carrier which will cover essential points such as frequently traveling with your child in it or breastfeeding whenever need be, even outside of your home.

If you are an active family, perhaps consider a hiking baby carrier.  Whereas if it’s just for home use, one of the best baby slings or wraps will do the trick.

5. Ease and frequency of use

Some baby carriers look so complicated to use that you may well be put off by them.  But don’t be overwhelmed, after frequent use you will become a pro at safely putting baby in the carrier.

Having said that the best value baby carrier is one that is relatively easy to use and something that you can quickly wear anytime you want. I recommend checking

6. Cleaning

I don’t need to tell any parents, that babies are messy.  Expect your carrier to get dirty with either vomit or food.  So you want to get a carrier that is easy to clean.  The highest rated baby carrier options tend to be the ones that are machine washable carriers are best or at the very least have removable parts that you can pop into the machines.

7. Budget and Quality

We understand that not all desired things will fit your budget. But do make sure that you get a carrier that is of high standard and durable. When it comes to baby products, quality is something that you should never compromise with. A quality product will always ensure your child’s safety.

You can always pick a sturdy baby-carrier with every required specification at a reasonable price even if it’s not very flashy or fancy.   In fact, there are some great options in these reviews for cheap baby carriers.  This guide includes the best baby carriers and slings at a range of price points, so whether you’re after a top-quality carrier or the best inexpensive baby carrier, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

Best Baby Carrier Reviews

Below are our Australian baby carrier reviews of the best baby carriers 2021 has to offer. 

We share both the positives as well as the negatives of these top-rated carriers, to help you decide which one would be the best for your baby and your lifestyle.

1. Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh Carrier Review

The 360 is one of Ergobaby’s latest releases and every single bit of attention has gone towards ensuring that the carrier supports both your baby’s hips and spine as well as protects your own back and shoulders. It is our personal favourite baby carrier and the one we highly recommend for Australian families due to the fact that it features the cool air mesh design for those hot Aussie days.


The Ergobaby 360 carrier has been made from lightweight, durable mesh which allows the material to breathe, vital in the Australian climate. It also features a super handy UPF 50+ tuck away hood which we used regularly.

It has an adjustable bucket seat which supports your baby in a natural “M” position facing in or out (once older) in all carry positions (front – inward facing, front-outward facing, hip carry, and back carry) as baby grows.

The carrier is ideal for babies from newborn stage up to 36 kgs, which would fit a toddler or small pre-schooler. If you wish to pop your newborn in the carrier (0-4 months), you will need to purchase the additional newborn insert. The insert makes the carrier super snug and comfy with more padding (but we also found that it can get pretty hot in there during the Aussie summers).

We love the wide wraparound waistband which helps to carry the weight of your baby on your waist rather than on your shoulders. It also maximizes comfort especially post C-section and provides lower back support.

The carrier allows for breastfeeding, has padded shoulder strap and adjustable bands (waistband 26-52″, shoulder straps 28-48”) to fit multiple wearers.  


  • Ergonomic design;
  • 4-Carry positions;
  • High quality breathable cool air mesh;
  • Adjustable straps and padded shoulder straps;
  • UPF 50+ tuck away hood;
  • Suitable from birth to 36kgs;
  • Machine Washable


  • Premium Price
  • Have to purchase newborn insert separately

You can read our full Ergobaby 360 Cool Air Mesh review here.

2. Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air Review

When it comes to baby carriers, one of the most popular and well-known carriers is the Baby Bjorn.  After the popular Baby Bjorn carrier original, they may have perfected the best with the Baby Carrier One Air. This baby carrier is ideal if you’re looking for the best baby carrier for newborn to a toddler that is also simple and easy to use.


This Baby Bjorn carrier is made entirely from an airy mesh which is perfect in the Australian climate, as it will ensure both you and baby don’t get too hot.  The mesh isn’t harsh against baby skin either as it has been designed to be soft.

This newborn and toddler carrier allows baby to sit in a nice, natural position, with their back in a C curve.  The size and seat area are fully adjustable to support your baby as they grow as well as to fit a range of different baby wearers.  To ensure you can carry a baby in comfort the carrier features a sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps which help relieve pressure on your back and shoulders.

This carrier is designed to carry babies from birth to up to around 3 years of age, so if perfect for parents after the best baby carrier from birth, but which can adapt as baby grows.  When used as an infant baby carrier, there is an adjustable head support which ensures their head is well supported.  The head support can easily be moved out of the way as baby gets older or used when they are sleeping.

This toddler and newborn carrier also has multiple wearing options.  You can wear it on your front with baby either front or forward-facing or you can also wear it on your back when your baby gets bigger.

With all these great features and coming in a range of neutral colours its easy to see why Baby Bjorn carriers remain a popular choice.


  • Keeps both baby and parents cool with the airy mesh fabric;
  • Fully adjustable for both baby and baby wearers;
  • Padded shoulder straps;
  • Multiples wearing options including on your front or back; and
  • Suitable for newborns to small children.


  • This is definitely one of the more expensive baby carriers in these reviews

3. Manduca Infant Carrier Review

If you’re searching for a baby carrier from newborn all the way up to toddlerhood and even pre-schooler, then the Manduca Infant Carrier could be just what you are looking for. All Manduca slings and carriers feature the prestigious GS quality mark, which is widely recognised in Europe and around the world.


This adaptable baby carrier is made from 100% organic cotton which is ideal for the Australian climate, particularly in the warmer months.

The Manduca Infant Carrier is orthopaedically designed, with the baby or child seated in the correct “M” position allowing for growth. The ergonomically designed waist belt allows the baby to be carried on your hips, which prevents back pain.

This carrier is perfect for parents searching for a carrier to grow with their child, as it is suitable from newborn all the way up to 20kgs. It could even be used for an older toddler or a small pre-schooler.

The Manduca Infant Carrier is convenient as you will not need to buy different carriers as your child grows, it is also easy to care for as it is machine washable, important for all those baby spills.


  • Suitable for newborns, toddlers and right up to pre-schoolers up to 20kgs;
  • Back extension with three heights;
  • Orthopaedically designed;
  • Made of 100% organic cotton;
  • Easy, adaptable seat width from 16 to 50cms; and
  • Easy to clean and machine washable.


  • No Storage; and
  • Hip and back positions can be difficult to master

4. Chicco Carrier Review

With quality design from Italy, the Chicco UltraSoft Carrier is ideal for parents with small babies all the way up to 11kgs. It’s extra padding and unique accessories provide wonderful comfort to both mother and baby alike. 


The Chicco carrier is perfect for younger babies and new parents, with its extra comfortable padding and lining, unique cuddle pocket to help soothe the baby and washable spit-up cloth which snaps on.

The recommended weight range of this carrier is newborn to 11kgs, which makes it ideal for use with a younger or smaller baby, particularly comforting if you have a premature baby.

Importantly with young babies, it is fully washable and easy to keep clean, mothers aren’t forgotten either, with three adjustable side straps for best fit and comfort.


  • Recommended use newborn to 11kgs;
  • Extra comfortable lining and padding;
  • An exclusive cuddle pocket to soothe baby;
  • A washable snap-on, spit-up cloth;
  • Three adjustable side straps for best fit and comfort; and
  • Washable fabric for easy care.


  • Not suitable for older babies/toddlers

5. Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat Review

The Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat is an economically friendly carrier that can grow with your child, from newborn to toddler stage with ease. It is an ergonomically designed carrier that also considers mother back and shoulder comfort with its extra support and its adaptability in positions is ideal for an active family. 


 The Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat is made with soft classical cotton and polyester touching which provides comfort for both mother and baby. It also comes with a 3D air mesh panel which keeps baby cool in summer and warm in the winter months.

This carrier is a smart buy as it can grow with your baby, it is suitable from newborn all the way up to 20kgs, this may be the only carrier you need to buy.

The carrier allows flexibility in the positions you carry your baby, depending on what activity you are doing. Choose from the baby backpack, kangaroo, front-facing and variating hip positions. An important and convenient feature is the pockets which perfectly fit an iPhone!

The Bebamour Baby Carrier has not forgotten about comfort for the mother either with back and lumbar support to reduce pain and tension in the shoulders, back and also includes a padded waist support.


  • Made with soft classical cotton with polyester touching;
  • Can grow with your baby suitable from 0-20kgs;
  • 3D air mesh panel allows for all year round comfort;
  • 6-in-1 positions choose your position based on your activity;
  • Convenient pockets to which fits an iPhone;
  • back and lumbar support to reduce pain and tension in the shoulders, hips and back and soft, padded waist support; and
  • Fantastic value for money price.


  • Can be difficult to use especially for new parents; and
  • Can be challenging to use the back position due to design.

Best Baby Wrap & Sling Reviews

Below are our Australian baby wrap reviews of the best baby wraps 2021 has to offer. 

We share both the positives as well as the negatives of these top-rated wraps and slings, to help you decide which one would be the best for your baby and your lifestyle.

1. Ergo Baby Carrier Aura Wrap Review

If you’re looking for a newborn wrap carrier, you can’t go wrong with this wrap from well-known brand Ergo. Ergobaby has been in business for over 15 years and is one of the best when it comes to Australian baby products. This particular Aura wrap is the ideal carrier for first-time parents.


This lightweight Ergo baby carrier is made from soft breathable fabric to keep both you and baby cool as well as feeling soft against the skin.

With it’s guiding edge and stretchy fabric this newborn baby wrap is easy to tie, making it perfect for parents new to wearing baby wraps.  It is also designed to fit both you and baby comfortably, with the design distributing babies’ weight across your back and hips, whilst ergonomically supporting baby as well.

This newborn baby carrier wrap is super convenient, as it’s a one size fits all, and you’ll love how it comes in its own integrated storage pocket making it easy to pop in your bag when you’re out and about. 


  • Suitable for newborns to babies up to 13.6kg;
  • Easy to clean and machine washable;
  • Includes integrated storage;
  • Made from soft breathable fabrics; and
  • Easy to use. 


  • One of the more expensive wraps in these reviews; and
  • Takes some practice to get the knack of wrapping.

2. Daisy Gro Baby Wrap Review

The Daisy Gro Baby Wrap is made with lightweight cotton which makes it a comfortable option and is a great way to settle colicky babies, ideal for being out and about and also around the home.

The wrap has been extensively researched to provide the perfect length, has been manufactured around baby safety wearing and comes with a full simple guide and lifetime guarantee.


The Daisy Gro Baby Wrap is a versatile design with no belts or buckles, made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex which makes it cool and breathable, which is very important in the Australian extreme heat.

It’s cotton, the light material allows the baby to feel secure, close to their mothers where they can feel her heartbeat and instantly be soothed. It also allows easy access for breastfeeding, particularly when out and about.

The Daisy Gro makes working from home, or just being able to complete tasks such as housework much easier and less stressful with a young baby as it allows the mother to have her hands free, all the while keeping her baby close.

This wrap fully machine washable, and easy to care for which is so important with an infant or young babies. It also comes in a handy bag so can be stored away, the perfect accessory to take when out and about.

The Daisy Gro Baby Wrap is a very affordable option to wear your baby and still be able to work, exercise and socialise.


  • Free hands for everyday tasks around the house or out in the world;
  • Versatile design with no straps or buckles;
  • Perfect for breastfeeding;
  • Safe for newborns, babies and toddlers up to 15.8 kgs;
  • Cool and breathable with 95% cotton and 5% spandex;
  • Machine washable; and
  • Storage in an easy to take bag.


  • Can be difficult to tie it correctly at first.

3. Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier Review

The Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling Carrier is the perfect accessory for those wonderful summer holidays, waterparks, swimming pools or even the shower in day to day use.

The polyester fabric is both durable and comfortable, with the added bonus of drying quickly which is perfect for water use. With its easy storage, this could be a must-have for your summer holidays with the family. 


The Vlokup Baby Water carrier comes in 10 colours for you to choose from and is made from 100% polyester jersey mesh, which keeps it light in the water, dries quickly and is breathable which is great for the swimming pool, beach or even to shower with your baby.

This carrier is suitable for babies from 3.6kgs up to 13.6kgs, which can make summer holidays with the whole family far more enjoyable. It means your baby can enjoy the water just as much as the rest of the family.

Water safety is vital and Vlokup Baby carriers place baby in the optimal position – high on the mommy’s chest and close enough to kiss. This is extremely important in any water environment or daily use.

The Vlokup Baby Water Ring Sling carrier comes with a convenient portable packing pocket, which can easily be placed in a beach bag, nappy bag or backpack perfect for those days at the beach or pool. It is machine washable for easy to care for your next day out or day to day use.


  • Can use in the pool, shower, beach or waterpark;
  • Dries quickly;
  • 10 colours available;
  • 100% polyester jersey mesh keeps it light in the water;
  • Portable packing pocket, can be stored easily;
  • Machine washable for easy care; and
  • Suitable for babies from 3.6kgs to 13.6 kgs


  • Not suitable for newborn or premature babies; and
  • Lacks shoulder support.

4. Cuby Baby Ring Sling Review

The Cuby Baby Ring Sling is a fully adjustable sling carrier that is ergonomically designed with the comfort of both mother and baby in mind. This sling allows you to carry your baby in the same position it was in the womb, making it easy to allow for eye contact and bonding. The sling is quick to set up and can be adjusted to fit different body sizes. 


The Sling is made with 100% high-quality cotton which allows for flexibility, suits the warmer climates and aids shock absorption.

The Cuby Baby Ring Sling is suitable for babies from birth to 36 months, not exceeding 20 kgs. This allows everyday use from the newborn stage until toddlerhood.

The sling can easily be adjusted in order to carry your baby or toddler safely. There are five different positions available for flexibility including two to aid breastfeeding. This makes venturing out into the world a far less daunting proposition for new mothers in particular.

The Cuby Baby Ring Sling comes with a satisfaction guarantee and is a very affordable option for the budget-conscious family.


  • Ergonomically designed;
  • It is made of high-quality cotton for flexibility, shock absorption and comfort;
  • Suitable from birth to 36 months;
  • Easy adjustment in order to carry your child safely;
  • Five different positions available for flexibility;
  • Perfect for breastfeeding; and
  • Value for money pricing.


  • Can be challenging to learn how to use the different positions properly.

5. Bulba Baby Sling Review

The Bulba Baby Sling is a soft, comfortable sling which can be used in either a sling or forward-facing carrier. With its high quality, organic materials, easy to care for maintenance and competitive price this could be the carrier you are looking for.


The Bulba Baby sling is made from 95% organic cotton and 5% Spandex which is super comfortable for both baby and mother. It is both soft and breathable which keeps the baby warm and snug.

The wrap is easy for breastfeeding both in the home and out and about and can even double as a nursing cover.  Bulba baby sling is also comforting for colicky babies as the gentle rocking and upright position helps to expel wind and soothe the baby.

It’s adjustable in size and an easy to use tying style for a perfect fit is great from birth to an older toddler, ensuring you can go hands-free while spending quality time with your baby.

The carrier is fully machine washable, which means it is easy to care for, so important in those early months when babies seem to spit up on everything.


  • Soft and breathable for comfort;
  • Easy for breastfeeding anywhere;
  • Machine washable for easy care;
  • Suitable from babies until toddlers;
  • Easy tying style for a perfect fit;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Adjustable size; and
  • Double as a breastfeeding cover.


  • Heavier babies/toddlers can be hard on shoulders and back.

What Will You Choose?

We understand the struggles of being a parent. And we seek to help you out in getting the best baby carrier that will preserve the bond you to share throughout the growing years. If you are still feeling stuck, why not check out our post where we asked other family bloggers which carrier they use and love.

Hope you liked reading this guide. You can find plenty of more guides and resources in our kids’ section of our blog.

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