Our Sugar Sweet Baby Girl | Avie at 4 Months

April 24, 2019


baby 4 months old

Avie has turned 4 months!!  Crazy, crazy how fast time flies … although I think I say that each time!! 

Life is slowly starting to settle for me as a new mother and those challenges of having a little baby are starting to slightly ease away.

This month has been a very happy one as a full blast of giggles come pouring out of her little being. Her smile tends to melt away all worries of a hard day and her eyes can stare right into our souls!

She is such a joyous addition to our family and she has given everyone a new spark full of life!

‘’She’s a little bit of sunshine
She’s a smile to light our days
She will steal our hearts and
Keep them with her warm endearing ways
She’s our precious little daughter
With a sweetness from above
Who will fill our years with laughter
And our lives with lots of love.’’


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Miss Avie’s 4-Month-Old Milestones

4 month old baby smile

  • You can roll from your tummy to your back, although I think the rolls happen more by accident and they are not necessarily what you actually want.
  • You hate lying down. You much prefer to be standing up or sitting (with some support of course).
  • You don’t last very long during tummy time before you start whining.
  • You are enjoying playing with toys that you can grasp and try to tug into your mouth.
  • You can keep yourself sitting up on our laps with minimal support.
  • Your chats are becoming more regular and louder. Sweetest thing ever!
  • You are full of big gummy smiles!

4 Month Old Baby Sleep

baby 4 months sleep

  • You have moved to your big cot in your own room and you have adjusted super well … even if Daddy tends to pop the monitor by his ear to hear you breathing!!
  • Sleeps in the day is still mostly in our arms though, you have given us some long periods of sleep in the cot, but they are rare.
  • Sleeping is still mostly all over the shop, although I can see a tiny bit of routine happening.
  • You tend to go down for your night sleep around 8 pm.
  • Our night time usually includes 1-2 wake ups for feeds and then you will get up somewhere around 5-6am in the morning.

Other Baby Bits to Record

4 month baby stats

  • Your eyes are still the most beautiful bluest of blues.
  • Your head is covered in gorgeous brown fuzzy hair – new hair growing out and standing straight up in the air.
  • Your hands and fingers are forever and always in your mouth. If it isn’t your fingers being chewed on, it is mine or daddy.
  • You are truly just adorable, you charm everyone with your sweet happy personality.
  • You adore your sisters and your eyes completely light up when you see them. You can watch them for hours on end!
  • The car is still your least favourite place to be! Some peaceful trips, but most of them are just screaming matches.
  • I have started going back to the gym, which means that you have to go to the gym crèche. I found it super hard leaving you there and it is still a daily struggle for me.
  • We tried getting you on the bottle this month, but you are so stubborn and your tongue simply does not know what to do with the teat. As a result, we have gotten nowhere and a parent-only trip that we had planned for early December had to be moved till next year!

Travelling with our Baby

baby 4 months traveling

This month was a big, exciting month for us and our travel blog! We got our first all-expenses-paid trip to Perth. So we hopped on a plane and headed over to enjoy Perth for 3 nights.

It was a great trip and Perth totally took us by surprise! My favourite by far was our day spent on Rottnest Island! This little holiday was so much harder than our Indonesia one last month.

I’m not sure why!? But I felt like you spent a lot of time crying and just not cooperating! Even though we had you in the baby carrier you still just didn’t settle down. It was slightly exhausting. But none the less, great memories were made for sure!

I think baby girl that you are growing too fast! We love watching you learn, we love seeing you reach all those ‘firsts’. But slow down a touch!

You are my last baby and I want to treasure every single moment!

Love Always,

Your Mummy


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