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May 15, 2019


Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

A Baby carrier might just possibly be the most useful thing to spend your money on when you give birth to a baby. After 3 daughters, I can definitely guarantee that baby carriers were used regularly, with some I used it more than the pram (our latest hated the pram for some unknown reason).

In actual fact, we love them so much that we compiled a lovely guide on the best baby carriers in Australia that we can recommend. But we wanted to go one step further, so we reached out to some of our favourite parent bloggers to find out which baby carrier they love.

Here are some favourite baby carriers as recommended by other bloggers. These are all great for use both at home, as well as whilst travelling.

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier | by Chris from More Life In Your Days

  • Age/Weight: Newborn – 20kg
  • Carry Positions: Front (facing in), Front (facing forwards), Back, and on the Hip

Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier

We really love our Ergobaby 360 baby carrier. We have used it travelling the world with our girls and it has allowed us to get to places that we just couldn’t have reached without it. Want to climb up that temple or hike through the hills with your baby? No problem with a baby carrier.

Our favourite baby carrier is the Ergobaby 360, it allows you to carry the baby in four different positions: on the front facing you, on the front facing forwards, on the back and on the hip. It is suitable from birth (with the use of an infant insert) up to 20 kg.

We love that this carrier has a really good wide waistband that takes the strain off your back and means that we are still able to use it comfortably with a growing toddler. We have gone for the cool air mesh version which is perfect if you live in or are travelling to a hot country as your baby is held in place by a mesh rather than an overly warm fabric.

We have taken it all over the place and after a spin in the washing machine, it comes out looking as good as new. The only thing we don’t like is that there is no pocket on this (unlike the original Ergobaby carrier).

Note from Jolene: We also love this baby carrier, you can read our full Ergobaby 360 carrier review here.

Grab your Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier from Amazon Here

Ergobaby Original Carrier | by Amoya from Trippin’ Momma

  • Age/Weight: 4-48 months (Or from Newborn with Infant Insert)
  • Carry Positions: Front, Hip or Back

Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier

The Ergobaby Original Carrier has saved us so many times while travelling the world. We’ve used this carrier since my youngest was an infant and now she is a toddler and it is still our number 1 travel item that we don’t leave the house without.

The Ergobaby distributes the weight well so there is no pain while carrying a nearly 3-year-old. Plus, the super soft straps help keep everyone comfortable as well. We have used the carrier in eight different countries now and I couldn’t be more thankful for the product.

I use the Ergobaby Original carrier both on my front and on my back. I have found that carrying my toddler on my front with it is more challenging because of her size. It is hard to see when she is on the front so this carrier is better suited for carrying on the back once your little one gets to toddler age.

Grab your ErgoBaby Original Carrier from Amazon Australia Here 

The Standard Tula Baby Carrier | by LeAnna from Well Traveled Nebraskan

  • Age/Weight: 7 – 20kg
  • Carry Positions: Front (Facing In) and Back Carry Positions

Standard Tula Baby Carrier

As frequent travellers pre-baby, we knew that once our baby arrived, we would still be exploring the world.  But, that meant we needed an easy and comfortable way to bring him along without a ton of extra gear.  Enter: The Standard Tula.

I actually fell in love with this infant baby carrier after seeing many friends rave about it.  You can use it from a very early age with a newborn insert (and they actually now have a “Free To Grow” version allowing you to wear that precious baby as a newborn!) and it is good all the way through toddlerhood at 20 kg! (Although by about 2.5 years, we knew we were going to need to get the “Toddler Tula” since things were getting tight at about 14 kg for us).

My favourite part about this carrier is just how comfortable it is for both of us.  You can wear your baby on your front (facing in) and when they are a bit older, can also back wear.  We’ve been on mountain hikes, long days of city sight-seeing and even just at home to soothe a fussy babe, and more.

Grab your Tula Baby Carrier from Amazon Australia Here

The Toddler Tula Carrier | by Diana from The Elusive Family

  • Age/Weight: 2 Years+
  • Carry Positions: Front and Back Carry Positions

Toddler Tula

The Toddler Tula is among the best ergonomic carriers to have for children ages 2 and above. Fitting children from 11 – 27 kg, the carrier’s fabric and padded shoulders provide for optimal support in carrying heavier children.

The Toddler Tula can be used to carry in the front and in the back, depending on the size of the child and comfort of the parent.  The carriers also come with hoods which makes it possible to create a bit of darkness from the sun or outdoor elements when using it outside.

In using the carrier with both of our kids, we have used it at home, to do things around the house, out hiking, travelling internationally and even locally when going out for long periods of time.  Kids get tired of walking and strollers aren’t always feasible.

After having tried more than 10 different carriers, the Toddler Tula wins out for being the most comfortable and easy to use.  The weight of the child is distributed properly and its ergonomic design provides the necessary elements to prevent exhaustion by the parent.  The carrier is truly one of the best on the market, with its only downside being that it comes with limited availability of designs.

Grab your Tula Toddler Carrier from Amazon Australia Here 

Manduca Baby Carrier | by Sophie from Lifestyle Queensland

  • Age/Weight: 3.5 – 20kg
  • Carry Positions: Hip, Back and Forward (Facing In) Positions

Manduca Baby Carrier

I’m very lucky that my sister in law has been running an online baby products business for over 10 years, so when it came to choosing the perfect baby carrier I knew just who to ask!

The Manduca carrier was by far the best choice we looked at. It is made from breathable organic cotton and comes in a range of colours and designs, most of which are gender neutral so perfect for any parent. It can be used to carry baby in the hip carry position, back carry and forward, facing in, position (the baby facing out position has been advised by many professionals to not be safe for development and this research is fully supported by Manduca). It is easy to put on by yourself and switching positions is also super simple.

When my daughter was very small I would often put her in the carrier to sleep whilst I got chores done around the house. It was an absolute lifesaver during the newborn stage when I wanted to be as close to her as possible and she preferred to be held. I also used the Manduca extensively during our travels and found it very handy whilst walking up and down planes and trains, even well after she was a year old.

Manduca Carrier

The Manduca is suitable to be used from 3.5kg and my daughter was only 3kg at birth so the only downside, for me, was I had to wait a few weeks before I could use it.

Grab your Manduca Carrier from Amazon Australia Here 

BabyBjorn Miracle Carrier | by Asher from Asher & Lyric

  • Age/Weight: Newborn – 15 Months
  • Carry Positions: Inward- and Outward-Facing Positions

BabyBjorn Miracle Carrier

We’ve used the BabyBjorn Miracle Carrier for both our babies and out of the three different brands that we’ve tried it’s definitely the best. It is literally our saviour while travelling because it enables two hands-free to pull suitcases, go for walks and eat meals while our baby can enjoy the sights and sounds of new places.

It comfortably assists with carrying our baby at home and while travelling and it’s suitable for newborns through 15 months. This carrier holds the baby on the front of your body and your baby can face toward you or away.

The things we love about it is that it’s comfortable, made of organic cotton, easily washable, quick to adjust and simple to get on and off. The only thing I think they could have improved upon is the price because it is on the pricey side and doesn’t seem like it would cost that much to make. With that said, we would certainly buy it again because the other ones we’ve tried just were nowhere near as good.

Grab your BabyBjorn Carrier from Amazon Australia Here

Infantino Up Close Newborn Carrier | by Mary from a Reluctant Mom

  • Age/Weight: Newborn – 11kg
  • Carry Positions: Inward- and Outward-facing Positions

Infantino Up Close Newborn Carrier

We tried several brands (6, in fact!) before we finally found the perfect baby carrier – our Infantino Up Close Newborn Carrier. It works great on both my husband’s 1.9m frame and my 1.6m frame, and is versatile for use both at home and on the road. We love it, and recommend it to all new parents.

It works for both inward- and outward-facing positions, for babies up to 11 kg.

It’s got a simple two-buckle system, unlike several others with so many attachment points that it takes forever to put on and take off. It also uses the same soft material as a baby wrap, but without all that fabric that can get so hot (as it wraps and wraps and wraps around you). It doesn’t have a hard frame, which means it can fold up super small – small enough to fit in a diaper bag!

It’s easy to travel with, simple to use, and comfortable to wear… all the things people look for in a baby carrier. Get one!

Grab your Infantino Up Close Newborn Carrier from Ebay Here

LilleBaby Airflow Carrier | by Seely from Mouse Ear Memories

  • Age/Weight: 3.5 – 20kg
  • Carry Positions: Front, Hip and Back Carry Positions

LilleBaby Airflow Carrier

When it comes to baby carriers, I only have two words. Life Saver.

Seriously, baby carriers are so easy and useful! My favourite for the temperamental weather of my home state of Florida would be the Lillebaby Airflow. This baby carrier is designed with keeping cool in mind, because most of the body and straps of the carrier are made from a breathable mesh. This helps to keep the airflow moving, especially when you and baby get hot!

The Lillebaby Airflow can be used from infant to toddler, which is great when you have more than one kid (or you just want a carrier that will grow with your child!). Infants can be used with an insert in the forward facing, chest to chest position. Once they can sit up unassisted, you can use the carrier in the front, hip and back carry positions.

We love to use the Lillebaby in all types of places from travelling to staying at home. It’s comfortable enough for everyday use, yet versatile enough for travel. My only complaint is that it didn’t come with very clear instructions when I purchased it two years ago, so I needed help to get the right fit. I’ve since used it with three different kids, and I’m impressed with how well it’s held up!

Grab your LilleBaby Carrier from Ebay Here

The MiaMilly Hipster Plus | by Kate from Tear-Free Travel

  • Age/Weight: Newborn to 48-Months
  • Carry Positions:9 Different Carrying Styles

MiaMilly Hipster Plus Carrier

The MiaMilly is hands down my favourite versatile baby carrier for home and travel! This baby carrier works from 3 months (or earlier with the newborn insert) until 4 years (or 20 kg). We still occasionally use our hipster with our 3-year-old son.

This is a hip seat carrier and what I love about it is that it takes a lot of the weight off of your shoulders and puts it around the waist and hips. The hipster is versatile, allowing 9 different carrying styles, including a back carry, which I what I prefer when the kids are older.

The hip seat is actually perfect for travel as it also functions as a fanny pack. You can store your wallet, cellphone, and cars in the lower pocket and be hands-free on the go. The fabric is very breathable and there is a removable panel that reveals a mesh panel that is super comfortable in hot weather.

The only complaint I have is that it is not super compact, especially when you figure in the size of the hip seat itself. As someone who has tried almost every carrier, including woven wraps, you really can’t beat the convenience and versatility of this one!

Grab your MiaMilly Carrier from Amazon Australia Here 

Kinderpack | by Chelsea from Pack More Into Life

  • Age/Weight: Newborns up to 2 years of age
  • Carry Positions: Front and Back Carry Positions


When looking for a baby carrier it’s hard to know which one is the best. I know I searched high and low for one that was both comfortable, small enough to pack and easy to take on and off. After trying a few carriers, I fell in love with my Kinderpack. It’s great for both home and travel!

Kinderpacks come in four different size options with either regular or plus size straps. The infant carrier fits newborns up to 2 years of age (8-35 lbs, max 22″ tall). This is the carrier that most new moms purchase. Once you’ve fallen in love with the carrier, you can continue to “size up” to their standard (20-40lbs, for a child at least 28″ tall).

The best thing about the Kinderpack is that they also have a toddler and preschool size! You can carry your child up to 55 pounds and 46”, which is wonderful for hiking families, families with a special needs child or a child that just needs to catch a ride occasionally.

The carrier can be worn on your front or back. With multiple adjustment points, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit. If you are a tall or plus size mom, there is an option for plus size straps. The mesh panel in the middle is great for warm days for both mom and baby.

Our Kinderpack is a staple in our home. It conveniently folds up when not in use, is lightweight and packs easily. My only complaint is that it lacks a storage pocket which other similar carriers have.

These can be hard to find in Australia, so you might need to pick one up second hand from eBay or alternatively order one from the USA.

Grab your Kinderpack from Ebay Here

We always love finding out which products other parents are using themselves, so we hope that all of these personal recommendations will help you figure out what baby carrier is the right carrier for you.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Jolene xxx

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