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Shower Steamers Australia

October 24, 2022


shower steamers australia

If you’ve ever read any of my other posts before, you’ll know that I love things that smell nice. Essential oils, perfumes, diffusers and air fresheners are amongst my favourite things! So, it was a no-brainer that when I discovered these shower steamers on Amazon Australia, I was going to have to give them a try.

What Is A Shower Steamer?

A shower steamer is basically a bath bomb for your shower. If you’re not familiar with a bath bomb, it’s a hard, colourful ball of a combination of ingredients (usually including bicarb soda and citric acid) designed to fizz and dissolve in your bath water.

As it fizzes and dissolves a bath bomb, or shower steamer, will usually release a pleasant scent (from essential oils) which can make your bathing ritual more pleasant and therapeutic.

Best Shower Steamers

Believe it or not, we don’t actually have a bathtub in our house! And we’re in the process of building a new house and there won’t be a bath in that house either! We are simply not bath takers in my family, it’s showers all the way – quick and efficient!

While I’m not one to luxuriate in a bath for my relaxation time, I’m always open to trying new ways to make my shower experience special, especially if it involves a pleasing aroma – you know I love a good smell!

So when I first discovered the idea of shower steamers, I was excited. So excited, in fact, that I decided I would make some homemade shower steamers myself and share the experience and the how to’s with you on here.

But, life got in the way, and I never quite got around to gathering all of the required ingredients and giving homemade-shower-steamer making a go. (It was the witch hazel that stopped me from proceeding – I never got around to buying any, but you can grab some here if you’re keen).  If you’d like to try it for yourself, here is the recipe I was going to use at toomuchlove.ca

Instead, I took the easy way out and ordered a set of shower steamers on amazon.

I was pretty excited when they arrived as I could smell them through the packaging so I knew they were going to have a lovely, strong scent, which is important to me.

shower bombs australia

I was so happy to discover that the shower steamers I purchased were from a small (Sydney based) Australian company.

You know I love to support Australian businesses when I can, and I especially love to support businesses that are smart enough to use amazon to fulfill their orders – yes, you can shop on amazon and still support small businesses!

The shower steamer set that I ordered comes with 12 steamers in 6 different flavours or scents, so 2 of each flavour in the box.

The scents include tangerine, lavender, grapefruit, watermelon, cherry and eucalyptus. They’re beautifully packaged with some shredded paper/cardboard included to try to prevent breakages in transit.

shower bombs

Unfortunately, one of my steamers was broken on arrival. But, to be honest, it didn’t really bother me as I had heard that you can break your steamers in half to get twice as many showers out of them, so my plan was to try out half of the broken steamer in my first shower with a shower steamer.

shower steamers

So, my first try of a shower steamer was with only the (smaller) broken half of one of my watermelon steamers. It fizzed and dissolved as expected and gave off a scent.

Unfortunately, despite loving watermelon, and most watermelon scented things, I didn’t really like the smell of the watermelon shower steamer.

shower fizzies

The next day I decided to try using a whole steamer to see if the experience would be different or better in any way. I chose a tangerine steamer. The scent was divine and made the whole bathroom smell lovely!

I am a fast and efficient showerer, my showers rarely last longer than about 3 minutes and yet, despite using a whole tablet/shower steamer this time, the whole thing had dissolved before my shower was done. 

How To Make Your Shower Steamer Last Longer

I have read that it’s a good idea to put your shower steamer in the base of the shower but not in the direct line of the water flow to make it last longer.

But, my shower base fills up with water as I shower, so no matter where I put my steamer it becomes engulfed in water and fizzes and dissolves like a bath bomb, as it is supposed to.

So, I guess what I’m saying is, even using a whole shower steamer each time, don’t expect your shower steamer to last for very long unless you have a shower base that doesn’t fill up with water.

best shower steamers

I have since gone on to try each of the scents, or flavours, of the shower steamers, they all smell nice, except that I’m not personally a big fan of the watermelon. 

Aromatherapy-wise, technically the lavender shower steamer should be good for relaxation or to help you sleep and the eucalyptus shower steamer should be good to clear your sinuses or a blocked nose.

Truthfully, I have not noticed any therapeutic benefit from using these shower steamers. In fact, I’d be inclined to suggest that, if you’re looking for a therapeutic benefit, you’d be better off just adding a drop or two of a high quality, therapeutic grade essential oil directly into the base of your shower.

That being said, there’s no denying that the steamers are fun and add a bit of excitement as well as a pleasing aroma to your shower.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to love about these shower steamers – they’re made in Australia, they’re packaged beautifully and they smell nice.

Would I buy them again? No. At least not for myself. I would definitely consider buying them as a gift for someone, especially someone who is hard to buy for. At least, as opposed to bath bombs, you know that everybody takes a shower sometimes so everybody could potentially use a shower steamer.

And, when you really don’t know what to get someone who already has everything, a nice set of shower steamers would make a lovely, well received gift. 

If you’d like to support an Australian business and give these shower steamers a go (or buy a really nice gift for someone), you can find them here.

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