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Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub Mitt Review – Australia

September 15, 2021


Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub Mitt Review

You’re probably well aware of the wonders of exfoliation. Especially if you ever use any fake tanning products, you need to be well acquainted with the process of exfoliating your skin often, or you won’t get an even tan.

I’m not much of a fake tan user – it just tends to go blotchy and orange looking on me – but I do like to exfoliate from time to time. I have those dreadful, pimple-y looking lumps on my upper arms (which I have learnt to actually be called Keratosis Pilaris) and plenty of flaky, dry skin on my legs. So I figured I would be the perfect guinea pig to test out the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub Mitt.

When I first saw this exfoliating mitt advertised (on Pinterest, I think), I was intrigued to learn more. In my research I discovered that the Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Body Scrub Mitt offers ‘Award Winning Luxury Exfoliation’.

I saw images and videos of dead skin falling off people as they rubbed their flesh with this exfoliating mitt. It looked amazing! And I knew that I wanted one!

So, I began phase 2 of my product buying research and I read the product reviews on Amazon. These were varied – some customers were astounded by how well the product performed while others complained that it was overpriced for what it has to offer.

With over 2,500 reviews worldwide with an average star rating of around 4.5 out of 5, I was willing to take a risk and purchase this fairly expensive, exfoliating glove. Interestingly while the worldwide views were overwhelmingly optimistic, most of the Australians reviewing the product were less than impressed.

But I figured that maybe I would follow the instructions better than those reviewers and be able to achieve an astounding outcome like so many other people around the world.

I was wrong!

I really wanted to love this product. I had visions of smooth, soft skin that would not only feel better but would, reportedly, look amazing too. I followed the directions – one caveat here, we don’t have a bath in our house (by choice – everyone in the household prefers showers so we removed the bath in our latest reno to make more space for the shower and vanities) – so, rather than a nice long soak in the tub before using the glove, I had to make do with a nice, long shower.

But I did just that and stayed in the shower longer than I normally would so that my skin would be soft and ready and in perfect condition to be scrubbed. I stepped out of the shower, onto the bath mat and, with my skin still damp, I began to scrub vigorously all over my arms and legs.

It felt a bit like sandpaper being rubbed over my skin, but maybe not quite as bad as that would be. It wasn’t painful as such but the sensation was more of an irritated heat caused by the body mitt.

This didn’t phase me at all, no pain, no gain after all – I figured the burning sensation was a sign that the body mitt was working. And yet, I did not see flakes of skin sloughing off my body like the show in their advertisements.

Still not perturbed by this, I figured that maybe it would take a few sessions of using the mitt before I would see any results. My only result so far was my regular, bumpy skin looking more red and irritated than normal!

dermasuri deep exfoliating mitt review

Long story short, I tried using the body mitt on several future occasions, each time with the same result – temporarily red, irritated skin, but never any signs of improvement.

I kept feeling my upper arms hoping that I could at least report that they were feeling softer and smoother than ever, even if they didn’t look any better. But, the truth is, I don’t think this expensive exfoliating body mitt actually had any impact on my skin at all.

Let’s rule out that us Australians have been sold a different/inferior product or not the real Dermasuri body scrub mitt – you can see from my picture here that that is indeed what I received, so it doesn’t look as though we Australians have been scammed by a seller passing off an inferior product as a Dermasuri one.

So I’m a bit baffled as to why the rest of the world seems to get such startling results from this product. Is our water different? What are we doing wrong?

Dermasuri deep exfoliating body scrub mitt

My body mitt still sits, taunting me, in the shower and so, once a week or so, I give my skin a good, vigorous rub. While I described it previously as like sandpaper, I kind of meant that in a good way (if that’s possible).

I don’t mind the feeling on my skin and still try to convince myself that it must at least be exfoliating my skin to some degree, whether I notice a difference or not, so I’ll continue to use it – it cost close to $30 so I’m not just going to throw it out! 

While it is made of an unusual type of thin fabric, the results were no different in my mind to what you would be able to achieve with a cheap exfoliating glove from the supermarket like this one.

So, mine is not a complaint about the product quality at all – the mitt seems well made – but, for me at least, this product does not really seem to have any effect at all, let alone the remarkable effects others claim to have achieved by using it.

Maybe it’s my skin type? Maybe it’s my lack of a bathtub? Maybe it’s the Australian water? I don’t know why, but this was a product fail for me…but if you’d still like to try one for yourself, you can find it here. It’s worth having a look at the Amazon listing itself just to see the amazing results that are meant to be achieved by using it – it makes me want to give it another try!

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