Mask Air Freshener Review – A Fun Way To Make Your House Smell Nice!

August 8, 2021


mask air freshener review

You’ve probably learned by now that I’m a sucker for products I see advertised on social media, but hey, I’ve had some great experiences buying products this way – if it wasn’t for ads on Facebook I never would have discovered the AbleSpine which is still a miracle worker for my back!

So, when my Pinterest feed kept getting filled with cute ads telling me I could make my house smell like Musk Sticks, I was intrigued.

musk sticks pinterest ad

Not because I love Musk Sticks – they’re actually one lolly that have never held much appeal for me, but Musk Stick wasn’t the only air freshener flavour they had on offer, Mask air freshener sprays come in a range of fun and interesting flavours or scents.

In fact they have 13 different air fresheners available ranging from Pink Marshmallow to Black Fig & Guava, so there are some fun flavours and some more sophisticated flavours too.

mask air freshener reviews

The other thing you need to know about me is that I love nice smelling things. Essential oils, perfumes, diffusers and air fresheners are all high on my list of favourite things.

I actually have a very acute sense of smell – I’m the one everybody brings the milk carton to, to smell to see if it’s gone off, so I think my love of all things scented comes from the fact that bad smells are really bad for me and I like to make my world smell nice to avoid these unpleasant smells.

So Mask had hit the jackpot with the targeting of their advertising campaign – I love new, fun fragrances and am always keen to try out new, nice smelling things.

As usual, I didn’t purchase straight away or on a whim, I did my research first. I was pleased to discover that not only is Mask an Australian company,  but their room fragrance sprays are made right here in Australia, in Byron Bay.

I love to support smaller, local businesses when I can, so this was another big tick in the favour of giving these air fresheners a try, but when I read that the air fresheners also contain no parabens or phthalates, as well as being 100% vegan and cruelty free, there were enough ticks there for me to give these air fresheners a go.

There’s also the little touches you get from buying from these smaller, local companies, like the fact that when my order arrived, it was packaged in a 100% compostable bag – that’s a nice touch and one that fits well with an eco-friendly business from Byron Bay.

mask air freshener australia

The Mask Air Fresheners are sold in packs of 3, 6 or 9 bottles, and you get to pick the fragrances you want in your pack. The price discounts with the more bottles you buy and there is a flat shipping rate of $8.95, unless you spend over $75 in which case shipping is free.

As it was my first time ordering I decided to go with the 6 pack of spray bottles so as to get a bit of a discount and a good range of flavours without spending too much on the 9 pack in case I didn’t like them.

Handy Tip – if you sign up to Mask’s mailing list (as I did when I first went to research the product before ordering) they’ll email you a 10% off coupon to use on your first order.

Having this 10% off discount code meant that my order for 6 bottles of air freshener went from $39.95 to $35.96 – not a huge saving but one worth having. Add the shipping cost of $8.75 and my order worked out at 6 bottles of air freshener delivered to my door for $44.71.

Some quick maths will tell you that that works out at around $7.45 per bottle, delivered. And, being an Australian company, that’s all in Aussie dollars so there’s no need to convert to US dollars as is often necessary when buying products advertised online.

As mentioned before there are 13 different air freshener scents to choose from. They were actually out of stock of a couple of the scents when I made my order so I didn’t get to pick all of the ones I really wanted to try, but the flavours I bought were:

  • Black Fig & Guava
  • Lychee & Peony
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Mango Berry Smoothie
  • Fairy Dust 
  • And Musk Sticks

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to order Musk Sticks as I’m not a fan of the lolly. I only added it to my order in the end because I figured it seemed to be one of their most popular scents and that people like you might want to know my review of it. I should have stuck with my gut feeling – I don’t like Musk Sticks!

The smell is OK I guess – it does smell like Musk Sticks – I’m just not sure that I have a need for my house to smell like Musk Sticks! Never mind, we’ll just use it in the kid’s bathroom.

best room freshener spray flavours

From my order, Fairy Dust is my next least favourite. It’s actually a very pleasant scent; it just, for want of a better word, smells a bit pink. I mentioned this to my daughter whose room I had tested it out in and she agreed, it smells pink or maybe light purple. She likes it though, so it is now the official scent of her bedroom.

As for the other 4 scents that I received – they are totally divine! If I had to pick a favourite, I’d probably go with the Mango Berry Smoothie, but that would only just be ahead of Lychee & Peony and Black Fig & Guava, tying for second place and only ever so slightly ahead of Cherry Blossom in third.

If you love a fun and fresh smelling scent for any part of your house, these air fresheners fit the bill. Like all air fresheners, I don’t find them as effective in the larger rooms of my house such as the living room and lounge room areas, although with a few extra pumps of spray you definitely can smell that they’re there.

In small rooms like bathrooms and guest toilets, the scent lingers beautifully giving that lovely fresh, clean house smell we all know and love.

best way to freshen air in home

We don’t have a dog, so I can’t report on the air freshener’s effectiveness against pet odour, although plenty of other reviews online for these air freshener sprays indicate that they’ve been very effective in masking any unwanted pet odours.

As for pros and cons regarding these air fresheners, the pros are all there in that they smell fantastic (although Musk Sticks is not for me!), you’re supporting an Australian business who are conscious of being as eco-friendly as possible as well as cruelty free in the production of their products and they’re relatively affordable once you break it down to price per bottle – remember, it’s an Australian made product so the prices have to be a little higher. 

As for the cons, apart from the fact that I don’t like the smell of Musk Sticks, my order took a little longer to arrive than I am used to (about a week and a half) – but I’m a big Amazon shopper and their shipping speed is amazing! (Yes, you can shop on Amazon and still support small businesses – find out how here.)

Other than that, it would be great if they could invent a room spray that would linger for longer even in a big open room – one of the downsides of open plan living, I guess, is it’s hard to keep your nice smelling scents contained and concentrated like you can make them in a small room like a bathroom.

Mask don’t just sell air fresheners, they also have diffusers and toilet sprays, so there’s something to freshen up the smell in every part of your house. 

Having 6 bottles in my order turned out to be a great idea as each of the kids has picked their favourite to keep and spray in their bedrooms periodically and the rest have been distributed around the bathrooms.

If everyone just pumps their spray a couple of times a day, the whole house smells great all the time – I think I’m hooked and will no doubt be buying more – I just won’t bother with Musk Sticks next time!


I have made a few more purchases since first writing this article, I’m now the proud owner of some Mask diffusers (which I love) and I also purchased a whole bunch more of their air fresheners (they’ve added quite a few more fun scents since I wrote this), and added them to Christmas presents last year.

My kids enjoyed getting fun scents like Custard Tart’ in their Christmas stockings! If you’re looking to freshen up the scent of your house, you should definitely give these Mask Air Fresheners a try. I would highly recommend them for anyone who enjoys smelly things!

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