Sensori + Review – The Best Air Fresheners To Eliminate Odours

August 25, 2021


sensori plus review

If you’ve read other articles I’ve written then you’re probably aware by now that I love nice smelling things. Essential oils, scented candles, air fresheners and perfumes are all some of my favourite things!

So it should be no surprise to you that I was excited to review these air fresheners from Sensori +.

Before we go any further, I should clarify, these are not your everyday air fresheners, these are in fact called ‘Air Detoxifying Aromatic Mist’ and there’s a reason for their fancy name – rather than just covering up bad smells like most air fresheners do, these air detoxifying aromatic mists actually do what their name suggests – they detoxify the air and remove the bad smells!

I actually bought these on a whim. They were on special on Amazon (on Prime Day I think) and, even though they were still fairly pricey for fairly small (30ml) bottles of air freshener, my love of nice smelling things won, as well as the idea that I could write about them on here for you – so really I needed to buy them for work, see?!

sensori +

The air detoxifying mists come in 5 different scents as well as an unscented option which just removes the bad smell without leaving any smell behind. As we’ve established, I love nice smelling things, so I chose 2 of the scents to try.

The scents are all named after places and they even have the postcode of the area as the code for each bottle. Being a Victorian, I decided to try ‘Macedon Trail’ 3441 assuming it would give me a scent reminiscent of Mount Macedon.

I also picked ‘Gayndah Orchard’ 4625, because I imagined that an orchard would smell sweet and fruity.

Buying from amazon was as quick and easy as ever and my mists arrived within a day or two, also, being a Prime member, shipping was free for me which makes buying on Amazon even better!

If you don’t have an amazon account, you can buy directly from the Sensori+ website, however I imagine you would have to pay for shipping. The prices for the mists are the same on amazon and the Sensori+ site and, because I bought on a Prime Day sale, it was actually much cheaper for me to buy my mists from amazon.

Don’t worry, Sensori+ still makes money when I buy their products this way, they’re just being smart and using Amazon for its amazing selling and logistics capabilities – find out more about how you can support small businesses while shopping on amazon here

sensori + reviews

The air detoxifying mists arrived well packaged in a heavy duty glass bottle securely packaged in a small cardboard box.

They were a bit smaller than I was expecting, given that the recommended retail price is $29, I thought they might have been larger, but since using them, I’ve come to realise that you don’t need to use much to eliminate odours.

A couple of sprays does the job and hardly leaves an impression in the amount of fluid still left in the bottle. I’ve been using the sprays for a few months now, when needed, and both bottles are still almost full.

So, do they work? Yes! I have tried them on typical bathroom odours, some smoke from our fireplace that escaped and infiltrated the bedrooms and some bad smells coming from the kitchen bin. A couple of sprays was all it took each time – the next time you walk into the room you sprayed it in, the bad smell is gone!

If there is a fault in this product it is that, while it successfully eliminates bad odours, it doesn’t really leave a lingering fresh smell behind – after only a few minutes it just smells like nothing. So, they’re very successful in eliminating the bad smells but they don’t leave any good smells behind.

Some people would see this as a bonus as they just want their house to not smell bad, but I’m the type that not only wants it not to smell bad, I also want it to smell good –  rather than a neutral smell, a positive smell, if you like.

Don’t get me wrong, the mists that I chose are scented, but the scent doesn’t linger in the air for long. I will try to describe the scents for you now for the products that I tried. Macedon Trail is a mixture of Geranium, Vetiver and Australian sandalwood.

According to Sensori+ it is meant to recreate ‘a walk down the bush trail at Macedon Ranges after rain’. It has a damp, earthy smell that almost has a medicinal scented final tone. I’ve just read that back, and it makes it sound as though the scent is no good – not my intention at all, it’s a pleasant, essential oily kind of smell that smells fresh and clean.

While it’s a nice scent, I prefer the smell of Gayndah Orchard. This mist reminds me of the waiting room of a naturopath or chiropractor, in the best possible way.

It’s made from Bergamot, Neroli and Cedarwood and is said to create a ‘delightful memory of a Sunday out in a citrus orchard at Gayndah’. It smells light and airy with a hint of citrus and waiting rooms!

air freshener that absorbs odors

So, how does it work? According to the manufacturers, these aromatic mists contain ‘ChlorosPURE’ which is an exclusive green technology developed in Australia. It’s designed to eliminate bad odours and neutralise air toxins on a molecular level.

It’s cruelty free and vegan friendly, infant safe and nonirritant but, even better, these aromatic air mists are Australian made and owned! I love supporting Australian businesses when I can and, when they even make their products in Australia, that’s even better!

Perfect for eliminating the bad odours left behind from cooking, cigarette smoke and even renovating and those pesky paint fumes, if you want your air freshener to actually eliminate odours rather than just cover them up, these Sensori+ aromatic mists are a must try.

I recently tried Mask air fresheners which are great for leaving a fun, lingering scent around your home but, if you would prefer to eliminate odours without a lingering smell, then you’ll love these Sensori+ sprays.

I’m so glad that I have both types of air freshener, I use the Mask ones all the time in all the rooms of the house to leave a fun, fresh smell. But, I have a bottle of Sensori+ in the bathroom – a couple of quick sprays and toilet smells are gone, and the other bottle I have in the laundry where we keep the cat litter tray.

I like to know that any odours left in the cat tray can be swiftly eliminated by my aromatic mist, and the cat doesn’t really like the fresh smells that I like, so she’s happy that the essential oil smelling scent doesn’t linger.

I also love to be able to shop on Amazon while supporting a small business, especially an Australian business, so it’s a big plus for me that I can buy these sprays on Amazon.

best air freshener to eliminate odors

While I’m glad I have both types of air freshener, if you’re in a position where you have to choose, the biggest difference in my mind is the lingering scent. If you want a lingering scent, choose the Mask air fresheners.

If you’re more concerned with odour elimination and are happy to be left with nothing but a neutral smell, then you’re going to love Sensori+. Whichever you choose, bad odours will be a thing of the past and you can look forward to a nice, fresh, clean smelling house.

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