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Best Way to Clean a Washing Machine [Instructions for Front- and Top Loaders]

December 11, 2018
How to Clean a Front Loading Washing Machine

People often tend to forget that cleaning appliances themselves need cleaning too!

Be it dishwashers or washing machines; these appliances can get quite dirty and unsanitary if not cleaned at regular intervals. 

A lot of people fall for the notion that since we put in a ton of detergent inside washing machines, the machine cleans itself while washing our clothes. But this is quite far from the truth!

Your washing machine accumulates all kinds of nasty things ranging from dirt to detergent residue after every usage, and if you don’t clean your washer every once in a while, things can become quite unsanitary.

And if you are spending a lot of money to purchase one of the best washing machines, you might just as well look after it!  Continue reading “Best Way to Clean a Washing Machine [Instructions for Front- and Top Loaders]” »


Front Load Washing Machine versus a Top Load Washing Machine

November 11, 2018
Front Loading Washing Machine Review

Washing Machines have become a necessity in most households across the world.

And consumers are looking to get the best value out of the money they spend.

One of the most primary decisions that people need to make before buying a washing machine is choosing between a front-loading machine and a top-loading one.

Each of the options come with their set of pros and cons, and neither is superior to the other. Which option you go for should depend entirely on your requirements and situation.

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How to Wash Stuffed Animals: Quick n’ Easy Way!

August 15, 2018
how to wash stuffed animals

Your child’s favorite stuffed toy is something that they seldom part with. It is one of the most essential objects of their life and also the partaker in each of their activities.

So the most important question is: can you wash stuffed animals without destroying it?

And right now we’re talking about taking it from them and washing it, which not only takes time but who knows if it’s going to come out looking just as before. 

To save you from a potential meltdown and heartbreak, we have brought you a step-by-step list of instructions on how to wash a stuffed animal – in the quickest time possible!

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