Find the Best Washing Machine in Australia [2022 Buyer Guide]

January 10, 2022


Best Washing Machine Review

Are you looking for the best washing machine Australia has to offer in 2022? Then you came to the right place! 

In this post, we will guide through the best washing machine brand options available online and answer all of the questions that you might have in regards to the washing machines as well.

We will show you the best front load washing machine options and the best top loader washing machine Australia has to offer.

We will show you the best price washing machines and the best portable washing machine Australia has to offer online as well.

Here you will also find an easy-to-follow comparison chart of the top 10 best washing machine options followed by detailed reviews of the best rated washing machines.

Guide to the Best Washing Machine Australia has to Offer in 2022

What determines the best washing machine?

  • Is it how user-friendly it is?
  • Or how it boasts a wide range of cutting-edge features?

Well, we believe that the ideal washing machine must have a little bit of both. And more importantly, it must cater to all of its customer’s needs as well.

But finding the right washer that will fit your demands is not easy to come across. With various types and sub-genres, each machine provides unique features that satisfy different needs.

And if you are in a similar dilemma, then we have just the right guide for you.

Today, we bring you a comprehensive list of the various types of washing machines, with some impressive features to look out for, along with a few things to keep in mind before making the purchase.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Best Washing Machine Comparison Chart

Wondering what is the best washing machine in Australia?

Here are the best washing machines available in Australia in an easy to follow the comparison chart:

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Washing MachineCheck the PriceProduct Name CapacityRating
Bosch front loader 8kg washing machine
Bosch WAW28460AU 8kg Front Load Washer

Bosch Front Loader.
5 star WELS water rating and a 4 star energy rating.
14 types of washing programs.
Best Washing Machine Australia has to offer
Fisher & Paykel front loader 8.5kg washing machine
Fisher & Paykel WH8560P2 8.5kg Front Load Washer
Fisher & Paykel front loader.
4.5 star WELS water rating and a 4 star energy rating.
13 types of washing programs.
Best Professional Washing Machine
Samsung Front Load Washer 8.5kg
Samsung WW85J54E0IW 8.5kg Front Load Washer

Samsung Front Load Washing Machine
4.5 Star WELS Water Rating and a 4 Star Energy Rating.
14 Types of Washing Programs.
2 Year Warranty.
CARSON Washing Machine 7kg Platinum Automatic Top Load Home Dry Wash
Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg Top Loader (WA8560G1)

Able to handle loads of up to 8.5kgs, this Fisher & Paykel washing machine is a great addition to any family laundries.

With 6 different washing programs and a delayed start this machine has everything most small families would require in a washing machine.
CARSON Washing Machine 7kg Platinum Automatic Top Load Home Dry Wash
CARSON 7kg Top Load Washing Machine
Carsons Top Load Washing Machine
Fully Automatic Washing Machine
11 Program Selections
Best Top Loader Washing Machine Australia Wide
Devanti 5KG Portable Washing Machine
Devanti 5kg Mini Portable Washing Machine

Devanti Mini Portable Washing Machine - White
Best Cheap Washing Machine

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How to Choose the Best Washing Machine (Australian Guide)

Washing Machine ReviewsWe have catalogued a few things to look out for before making your washing machine purchase for picking the best washing machine in Australia.

1. Washing Machine Capacity

Washing machine. The controller on the washing machineThe primary thing that you should consider before getting a washing machine is how big your household is. A washers capacity ranges from 5kgs to a little over 18kgs, so picking the one that fits the needs of your home will not be a problem.

The larger washers go well with homes that have a lot of members or if you’re planning to wash bulky items like bedding. But then again, no matter how large your family is, buying the biggest machine may still not be a necessity.

Because at an average none of us use more than half of the wash tub space and load a maximum of about 3.5kg.

2. Washing Machine Tub/Drum Material

Generally, a washing machine tub is made out of either stainless steel, porcelain enamel or high-density plastic.

However, when it comes to durability and longevity, in our opinion, stainless steel is perhaps the best. But not all washing machines have built their washing tubs with stainless steel.

The main issue we have with porcelain-enamel is that it very easily chips under too much laundry load or excessive cycle speed.

Additionally, it easily rusts and corrodes as well. Plastic, on the other hand, is much more durable than enamel, but cracks under too much pressure.

3. Storage Space

best front loader washing machine australiaThe size and type of washing machine you choose to get will depend on the amount of space your home can provide in housing it.

But not just housing space, you should also take into account the availability of adequate room for the machine to function correctly.

From opening and closing the lid to loading and unloading the washtub, there should be enough space for you to work around.

If your laundry space is too small, then perhaps a front loader would be a better fit, as then you can mount the dryer of its top surface which can even double as a workspace.

4. Faster Wash Cycle

We are all victims of busy schedules and deadline driven lifestyles, which make proper time management essential during laundry time.

But your clothes will get cleaned quicker only if there is a fast wash cycle, which is primarily a top loader speciality.

But if you are planning to get a front loader then make sure that it has a ‘fast wash’ settings program.

As front loaders tend to use less water, it has a slower spinning action that is gentle on your clothes.

But with the ‘fast wash’ feature it will yield a higher spin speed and extract more water from the clothes, reducing after wash dryer time significantly.

5. Noise Reduction

When it comes to spin cycle noise, the front loaders top the decimal chart. When compared to the top loaders the front loaders are bulkier, not at all easy to transport and create a louder and high pitched noise with every spin cycle.

You might be thinking that this may not be all that big of an issue, but hear us out on it first.

The louder noise can have a significant impact on your lifestyle if your laundry is close to the living area. Not only will it ruin your living room experience, but can disturb a social gathering as well.

6. Cold and Hot Water Connections

A lot of washing machines require both hot and cold water to function optimally. So it is important to make sure that the plumbing in your laundry can provide both cold and hot water outlets.

Excessively hot water can often fail at removing stains from your clothes. In such situations, a cold-water fill and slow heat up to the required wash temperature can aid the stain-removal process.

Getting a front loader will solve all the water inlet-outlet plumbing issues, as they generally come with their own heaters and need a single cold water connection.

7. Convenient and User-friendly

The modern day washing machine boasts a lot of features and functionality that look like glorified jargon to the average homeowner.

So when you compare the different models in the store, make sure the washer you choose to buy not only has the features you need but also has straightforward program selections which are easy to set.

Fancy features and high-end models sound good in theory, but when in practical use, nothing tops convenient and easy to use functionality. Also, make sure that the machine has legible labelling on the controls.

8. Child Lock

Washing Machine FeaturesIn the past, there have been a lot of washing machine accidents with children, especially when the more playful ones choose the wash tub as their hiding spot.

This is why some machines come with “child-lock” functions which could be either a physical lock on the washer or a programme that doesn’t allow the lid to open without the correct password.

In a home with curious children, it is essential to activate the door lock when the washer is not in use.

Even though some manufacturers recommend keeping the lid partially open to reduce the risk of mold growth, safety is paramount.

The Types of Washing Machines

When it comes to choosing the right washing machine that can match your needs, then searching for the best washing machine brand in Australia alone is not enough.

It is also essential to keep in mind the type of washer you want, and the features that it can provide.

And speaking of the types of washing machines, the washer category primarily revolves around semi-automatic and fully-automatic washers.

Whereas the top load and front load designs fall under the fully-automatic sub-genres.

So, let’s take a look at the two different categories in greater detail.

Semi-Automatic vs. Fully Automatic Washing Machines

1. Semi Automatic Washing Machine

The semi-automatic washing machines are the most economical entry-level washers. These cater to the ones who don’t mind getting their hands dirty during laundry time.

Structurally, these washers are built with two tubs, one for washing another for drying; hence they need a lot of human intervention and manual work.

Using the semi-automatic can get a bit physically taxing for the older customers, but its features are quite user-friendly.

All you have to do is manually add the required amount of water into the washing tub, with a bucket, or water hose. Then add the detergent, set the washing time and fabric type, and you are all set.

It is important to note here that the washer will not automatically drain the dirty water. After washing is done, you will have to change the washing mode to the water drain settings manually.

But, if you are looking for a more relaxing laundry experience, or suffer from severe back issues, then by no means do we recommend a semi-automatic.

Even with all its shortcomings, the semi-automatic washer is ideal when it comes to electric consumption and water efficiency.

It is one of the most energy-efficient washers in the market, and as water is poured in manually, you will not have to worry about water wastage ever again.

2. Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The more user-friendly washer type, but twice as expensive than its semi-automatic counterpart.

The fully-automatic washing machines can be categorized into two classes, depending on how you load the laundry in it; the top loader or front loader.

Both Top load and Front load washing machines differ in function, and they each have something unique to offer to all their customers.

Unlike the semi-automatic washers, the fully-automatic ones keep human intervention at a bare minimum. It has a single tub for both washing and drying processes, and all you have to do is put the clothes in and start it.

There is no requirement for pouring the water manually into the tub, and after washing is done, the mode is automatically switched to drying.

The only time you touch the machine is when you have to remove the clean clothes from its tub.

No matter how convenient it feels, the fully-automatic is at a disadvantage when it comes to being energy efficient.

It has a heavy built and is hard to transport and consumes a considerable amount of electricity while making a loud noise during washing.

But all in all, the fully-automatic provides a relaxing and fantastic laundry experience.

Top Load Vs. Front Load Washing Machine

You might be asking yourself, “Which washing machine is better front load or top load?”.

Well, the debate between the top load and front load washing machine is an age-old battle, that never ceases to amaze.

So let’s see which one of the two can best fit your preferences.

1. Top Load Washing Machine

Top Loading Washing Machine ReviewAs the name might suggest, you load the Top Load Washing Machine by putting the clothes in from the uppermost side, as the tub sits vertically in the machine.

It has a single tube that caters to both washing and drying purposes, thereby limiting the need to move clothes between various tubs.

The top loading washing machines need a continuous water flow; hence they are attached to water pipe inlets which the washer’s control according to their needs and requirements.

And even with fewer wash programs than the front loaders the top loaders more than makeup for it with their flexible design and affordability.

The primary feature that the top loader holds over the front one, is in user convenience and cost-effective price.

By virtue of its vertically placed tub, even if the wash cycle is on, you can always open the lid and add in more clothes whenever you choose.

And its design is comfortable on the back as well; you don’t have to bend too much to remove the clothes from the tub as you will have to do for front loaders.

2. Front Load Washing Machine

Front Loading Washing Machine ReviewWhen it comes to managing dirty laundry, the Front Load washing machines genuinely represent the pinnacle of modern engineering.

From remote controlled start and stop timers to fantastic wash settings for each type of cloth, the front loader boasts a wide array of functionality.

But such cutting-edge technology and utility come with its own cost; the front loaders are the most expensive brand of washing machines in the market today.

You fill this type of washer from the front as its drum sits horizontally. With over 30 wash programs and amazing features like advanced child lock, the front loader provides excellent wash quality and a fantastic laundry experience.

It honestly is one of the best when it comes to water efficiency and washing delicate clothes that need a different rinsing cycle and water temperature.

But if we are to point out the front loader’s downsides, then its shortcomings lie in its design.

You will not be able to add clothes, once the wash cycle starts, and bending down to get your clothes every now and then can be tremendously taxing for the spine.

The front loader is not recommended for those with a spinal condition.

Some Unique Washing Machine Features

Irrespective of their types, each washing machine comes with a variety of unique features and programmes. And we have taken the liberty to chart out a few just for you.

1. Correcting Unequal Weight Distribution

This is perhaps one of the most essential features a washing machine can have.

It is not always possible for us to measure our laundry while filling in the wash tub. And an unequal load distribution can make the wash cycle spin out of balance.

The “balance sense” feature of a washer will help it detect and redistribute uneven load thereby preventing mid-wash cycle interruption.

The washer corrects the load quite easily, either by spinning slowly before the full cycle or letting more water through into the tub, that helps to equalize the cloth weight.

2. Fuzzy Logic

It is the base AI for any modern washing machine. It is one of those features that is paramount to making every laundry experience a fantastic one.

There are moments when a customer might not know what the best washing condition for a particular expensive cloth is. And putting in the wrong setting can affect its core material, thereby ruining it.

But Fuzzy Logic allows the washer to automatically choose the best washing conditions which include, wash time, amount of water and detergent.

It senses the number of clothes loaded into the machine and their particular core build and then customizes the wash as it sees fit.

3. Quick Wash

What to look for in a washing machineNot all washing machines are capable of it. A quick wash entails finishing up the wash cycle faster than the ordinary one.

But it is important to keep in mind, that when opting for the quick wash feature the amount of clothes you put into the wash tub doesn’t exceed the threshold.

The amount of time that a quick wash is able to reduce depends primarily on the load of clothes you put in.

A more massive load may just take as long as a regular wash cycle, wasting much of your precious time.

4. Adjustable Spin Speed

We all know the enormous amount of water a fully-automatic washing machine takes up. But if you are willing to opt for a more eco-friendly approach to all your laundry troubles, then this feature might just come in handy. And almost every fully-automatic washing machines have it.

Higher spin speeds extract more water from your clothes, which in turn reduces drying time and saves up a lot on water usage and electric consumption.

On the flip side, a lower spin speed would be much more ideal for delicates and easily creased fabrics.

5. Extra Rinsing Option

The stronger detergents can be very hard to remove in a single wash cycle; as a result, they leave white marks behind on your clothes when dried.

Luckily, some washers have an extra run feature added to the end of every wash program, which allows the user to opt for an extra rinse once the primary wash cycle is done.

Some washers even go a step further and offer spray-rinse, that saves water and a deep rinse, which utilizes more water.

Residual detergent on cloth can cause allergic reactions on the sensitive skin; an extra rinse feature caters to this problem quite nicely.

6. Start Delay

A lot of people like to soak their clothes in detergent water for sometime before giving it a thorough wash.

This method ensures that the laundry turns out much cleaner by the end of the cycle.

Many washing machines today, allow soaking with their start delay feature, as you will be able to start the washing machine at a predetermined time.

After setting the time, the washing machine fills its tub with the required amount of water, which mixes with the detergent.

The washer then sits idle or the set amount of time and allows the clothes to soak in the detergent water.

7. Internal Water Heater

Washing Machine Buying GuideThis feature is more of a front loader speciality, as their unique design enables them to incorporate a heater into their build.

Even if the front loader is connected to a single cold water outlet, it’s warm to hot wash options, allow it to heat the water before use.

Needless to say, a washing machine with an internal heater provides more customizable temperature options that significantly improves wash flexibility.

Different garments need different temperature settings that suit their base cloth material, too high or too low temperature can ruin it beyond repair.

8. Auto Filtration

The dirtier your clothes, the more will there be residual unwanted dirt particles left behind in the wash tub.

And without a proper filter, those particles can get re-deposited back onto your clothes no matter how thoroughly the machine washes it.

But a traditional mesh trap in the wash drum won’t do, to sieve out the most persistent dirt the machine needs a self-cleaning lint filter system. Which luckily a lot of semi-automatics and top loaders have.

Front loaders, on the other hand, don’t particularly need a lint filter as they are designed to be gentler on the clothes and have a trap filter that catches the dirt.

9. Crease Protect

A crease is a mortal enemy to any well-starched garment, and if you ask us, ironing is just a hassle. But there are a lot of washing machines that come with anti-crease features which will reduce a lot of ironing from your life.

The anti-crease comes with some extra utilities like rinse hold and drip dry as well. Rinse hold makes the washer hold on to the last bit of rinse water and not completely drain it.

The drip dry on the other hand gradually stops the cycle spin while the rinse water is being drained, and also reduces the rinse water temperature after a warm or hot wash.

Best Washing Machine Reviews

I know that it is extremely hard to choose the best washing machine purely from the comparison table.

So that is why we have done extensive research, read through tonnes of best washing machine reviews Australia wide, done gruelling testing and compiled these in-depth reviews of the best washing machines to buy in Australia.

Here are our personal thoughts and the best washing machine reviews:

1. Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer (WAW28460AU) Review

Bosch Front Loading 8 kg automatic washing machine review

The new Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer is the perfect choice if looking for a quiet and efficient washing machine with a range of different washing settings available.

Many reviews on this washing machine state how quiet it is while operating as well as being super efficient.

This would be a great option for a family with young children so you don’t have to worry about them being woken by it and you won’t need to plan nap times around doing the laundry. 



This front load washing machine by Bosch is super energy efficient with a high 5-star WELS water rating and also a 4-star energy rating.

Its 8kg capacity will easily wash a 3-4-person household’s laundry needs while helping to save on bills at the same time.

With 14 different washing settings available you can pick the setting to best suit your needs and the high 1400 rpm maximum spin speed will minimise drying time for all your laundry.



  • 8kg capacity;
  • Delay start & Delay end;
  • Load Sensing;
  • Eco-mode;
  • 5 Star WELS Water Rating;
  • 4 Star Energy Rating;
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty;
  • 14 different washing settings available;
  • 1400 rpm spin speed; and
  • Quiet machine.


  • It is an expensive washing machine

2. Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg Front Load Washer (WH8560P2) ReviewFisher & Paykel WH8560P2 8.5kg Front Load Washer


The Fisher & Paykel white 8.5kg front loader washing machine is a great choice for a medium-sized family of 3-4 people.

The 8.5kg capacity is plenty of room to comfortably keep on top of the whole family’s washing as well as being economic and saving on bills.

Front Loader Washing Machine, 8.5kg WashSmart

There are plenty of different types of wash programs – 13 in total – so you will be able to find the perfect setting for each load of laundry.


Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg Front Load washing machine review

This washing machine has a 4.5 WELS Star water rating and 4-star energy rating, as well as the 1400 rpm spin speed making for less drying time so you can have a peace of mind that you are being economical and saving where you can on bills.

The delayed start setting is a great option to have especially if you are a busy family and are out and about all the time. Just select the delay start for a couple of hours before you are due to be home so your washing isn’t left sitting in the machine all day.

There is a 2-year manufacturers warranty on this washing machine for your peace of mind. 


  • 5kg capacity;
  • 5 WELS Star water rating;
  • 4 Star energy rating;
  • 13 types of wash programs;
  • 1400 rpm maximum spin speed;
  • Delayed start setting; and
  • 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • It is an expensive washing machine

3. Samsung BubbleWash Steam 8.5kg Front Load Washer (WW85J54E0IW) Review

Samsung 8.5kg BubbleWash™ Steam Front Load Washer - WW85J54E0IW

This Samsung 8.5kg Front Load Washer is a great washing machine with a number of different settings and is very user-friendly.

Many happy customers report how easy this washing machine is to use and a great product with lots of options.

A great option for a small family with young children who don’t want to waste away their days doing loads of washing. 


Samsung BubbleWash Steam 8.5kg Front Load Washer

This washing machine has 14 different washing settings including delay end, intensive, pre-iron and baby care making it the ideal option if you have a little bundle’s clothes to keep clean.

With Eco-mode, a 4.5 Star energy rating and 4.5 Star WELS rating, and 1400 rpm spin speed, it is also a super energy efficient washing machine making for great savings on power and water bills.

You even have the ability to check on your washing through the Smart Check app via your smartphone while you are out of the house! 


  • 5kg capacity;
  • Eco-mode;
  • 5 Star energy rating;
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • 1400 rpm maximum spin speed;
  • 14 different wash settings;
  • 5 Star WELS rating; and
  • Smart Check via the smartphone app.


  • Doesn’t have a separate input for hot water.

4. Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg Top Loader (WA8560G1) Review

Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg Top Loader

Able to handle loads of up to 8.5kgs, this Fisher & Paykel washing machine is a great addition to any family laundries.

There’s a range of wash cycle settings to choose from, including delicate, wool, quick wash, and more. With a spin speed of 1000 rpm, you can count on quality results from every wash, while the heavy-duty design means even the most awkward of items can be thrown into the drum – perfect for washing sneakers and other unusual items!

With 6 different washing programs and a delayed start, this machine has everything most small families would require in a washing machine.


  • 8.5kg capacity
  • Spin speed of 1000 rpm
  • Delayed start option
  • 3.5 star WELS water rating
  • 6 different washing programs


  • Could be noisier than some other models
  • Only 2.5 star energy rating

5. CARSON 7kg Top Load Washing Machine (HAPWSHCSNAT7G) Review

CARSON Washing Machine 7kg Platinum Automatic Top Load Home Dry Wash

The Carson 7kg Top Loader is a great option for the modern day family with 11 different program settings and a Start/Pause feature as well as the delay start.

Busy families that spend a lot of time out and about will love this affordable convenient washing machine.

Many owners of this machine say it is a big bang for the bucks and it is a great functioning machine and is super easy to set up and get going. 


With 11 program settings including a delay start feature, there are more than enough choices to get a perfect load of washing done in this machine. The auto-stop when the lid is opened is a great safety feature but also super handy for the times when you realise one sock got forgotten!

The air-dry option makes for super fast drying of your washing and the advanced fuzzy control and lint filter means you are getting the best result each time.

The user-friendly digital control panel and child-lock function are other great features to have and the electronic water level help it to be as economical as possible. 


  • 7kg capacity;
  • 11 program settings;
  • Child-lock function;
  • Hot & cold inlets;
  • Delay start feature;
  • Advanced fuzzy control;
  • Lint filter;
  • Air Dry;
  • Intelligent Dram;
  • Electronic Water level;
  • User-friendly digital control panel; and
  • Auto-stop when the lid is opened.


  • Only 2-star energy star rating; and
  • Interference buttons are very loud and there is no function to turn them off.

6. Devanti 5kg Mini Portable Washing Machine

Devanti 5KG Portable Washing Machine

The Devanti 5kg Mini Portable Washing Machine is another great choice for families that go camping regularly or use a caravan or RV.

There is nothing worse than running out of clean clothes while camping so this is the perfect solution to ensure this won’t happen.

You can even pack less clothes on your trip and have more space for other items knowing that you can just wash clothes as needed and wear them again! 


This portable washing machine features a 15-minute cycle which is a great thing to have while camping because who wants to spend a lot of time doing washing while trying to relax on holiday!

The lightweight build and built in handle make it super easy to transport and move around with ease. It also has a detachable filter making it super easy to clean out when needed.

The twin tub allows you to wash and then spin independently and the spin dry, rinse and self-drain functions all speed up this whole washing process. 


  • 5kg capacity;
  • Twin tub for wash and spin cycles;
  • Portable;
  • Built in handle for easy transportation;
  • 15-minute wash cycle;
  • Can wash different types of fabrics;
  • Simple knob control;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Detachable filter; and
  • Large opening lid for ease of loading in laundry.


  • Must have access to water as it needs to be added manually; and
  • Requires electricity as it must be plugged in.


When you are out to buy a washing machine, merely searching for a good washing machine is not enough.

You have to keep in mind the different types and features and see which one best suits your laundry needs.

We hope you found our washing machine guide today to be helpful.

You can find more helpful washing tips in the home section of our website, there’s even a new article about the best washer dryer combos. We also have a popular guide on the best home coffee machine that you might love as well.

Till next time!

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