The Best Variety of Breastfeeding Snacks For New Mums

March 30, 2022


breastfeeding snacks for mums

If you’re a new mum, congratulations! You’ve embarked on an exciting journey with much to learn – starting with the best variety of breastfeeding snacks. Your little one is sure to keep you moving throughout the day, so you’ll need snacks that keep you energized, full, and satisfied while breastfeeding. 

Our list covers the best:

  • Savoury breastfeeding snacks
  • Sweet Breastfeeding Snacks
  • Sour Breastfeeding Snacks
  • Salty Breastfeeding Snacks

Savoury Breastfeeding Snacks

Savory foods are full of flavor. They are not sweet or salty, but rich. Many savory foods are high-calorie, which is great for breastfeeding mothers who need about 500 extra daily calories to meet their nutritional needs.

Being a mum and producing all that amazing breast milk for your baby is hard work, so your body needs some extra, nutritious, calories added throughout the day to keep you, and your little one, going.

one handed snacks breastfeeding

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are high in protein and contain many nutrients. They support heart health and can help pass along folate, Vitamin D, iodine, and more to your baby.


Nuts can boost your milk with healthy fats and antioxidants. You can choose from cashews, pistachios, almonds, or walnuts. Some studies have even shown that nuts may boost milk production.

Veggies with Hummus

Veggies and hummus (or Hommus) provide high fiber for better digestion. Made from a chickpea base, you can find hummus in a variety of flavors, such as roasted pepper, garlic, beet, Kalamata olive, sun-dried tomato basil and more.

Then you just need to enjoy some chopped up carrot or celery sticks dipped in the tasty hummus for a nutritious savoury snack.

Sliced Deli Meat

While deli meat isn’t recommended during pregnancy, you can munch on your favourite sliced deli meat while breastfeeding without fear of listeria – think sliced turkey breast, ham and roast beef.

Cheese Sticks

The occasional cheese stick is fine to consume while breastfeeding. If your baby gets gassy after drinking your milk, simply lower your cheese consumption.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are great for packed energy and calories as an on-the-go snack. They come in a ton of flavours and help keep you moving and grooving throughout your busy day.

Celery with Peanut Butter

Celery is rich in vitamin C and the peanut butter adds a savory taste for an easy snack. Opt for all-natural peanut butter without the added sugars. If you want to add a touch of sweetness, sprinkle raisins on the top.

good snacks for breastfeeding

Pita Bread with Avocado

A filling snack with plenty of benefits, enjoy this faux “sandwich” snack anytime.

Sweet Breastfeeding Snacks

Sometimes a sweet tooth cannot be silenced, and that’s where this snack list comes in! Keep your energy up and your spirits high with a little sweet breastfeeding snack from time to time.

healthy snacks while breastfeeding

Applesauce with Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps increase milk flow and also tastes great on some apple slices or applesauce. 

Granola with Honey or Yogurt

Add a drizzle of honey to your granola, yogurt, or both, for a healthy and filling snack.


Bananas, berries, and dates are all great options for sweet, fruity snacks, but choose whichever fruit is in season and takes your fancy – grapes are easy to eat one handed but premade melon balls or chopped up melon wedges are also easy to eat with one hand while you are breastfeeding.

Dark Chocolate and Raspberries

If chocolate is on your mind, pair a couple of squares of a dark chocolate bar with some raspberries for a delicious snack. Mix both with Greek yogurt if you’re looking for something more filling.

Sour Breastfeeding Snacks

If you’re in the mood to pucker up, enjoy these sour snacks while breastfeeding.

snacks for breastfeeding mothers

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like grapefruit and some types of oranges are great sources of vitamins and easy snacks to munch on at home, although you might want to pre-peel or slice your citrus fruit before you start feeding as this could be difficult to do with one hand while supporting your baby with the other.

Tart Cherries/Blueberries

These fruits will make you pucker up while also enjoying their tangy taste, not to mention the valuable vitamin and nutrient boost they’ll also be giving you.

Pickled Gherkins

Nothing quite satisfies like the crunch of a vinegary pickle. Add a pickle to a slice of cheese for a truly satisfying snack.


Kefir or plain Greek yogurt can settle your sour craving while providing plenty of protein. Kefir is a fermented milk drink while Greek yogurt is plain and tangy.


Kimchi is a Korean dish of mixed fermented vegetables. The garlic, onion, and ginger seasonings make it an optimal sour snack in small portions.

Salty Breastfeeding Snacks

If your salty cravings have kicked in, enjoy some of these salty breastfeeding snack options in moderation. Be sure to pair it with a lot of water to stay hydrated.

easy breastfeeding snacks

Salted Popcorn

Opt for some air-popped popcorn with a light sprinkle of salt for a low-calorie snack at home.

Trail Mix

There are tons of trail mix options out there, or you can create your own at home to curb your salty snack cravings.


Edamame sprinkled lightly with salt will provide you with fiber, vitamin K, and antioxidants.


Pregnant mothers know to stay away from fish that are high in mercury, but sardines have one of the lowest mercury contents of all fish. Enjoy a few when you’re craving a super salty snack.


Olives contain omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your baby’s brain growth and developing vision. You can snack on arbequina, kalamata, Thassos olives, or many more. Pair an olive with a piece of cheese for a salty and delicious snack with a bit of added protein.

good snacks while breastfeeding olives

Salted Avocado Slices

Avocado has the extra calories you need while also being full of healthy fats and fiber. The vitamins provided by avocados are beneficial for developing baby brain health. Eat salted avocado slices on their own, or add some to a slice of toast.

Mini Pretzels

Mini pretzels are an easy way to get your salty craving out of the way while enjoying a snack at home or on the go.

breastfeeding snacks

Breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful part of motherhood, but you must remember to take care of yourself as well. Prepare your snacks and keep them handy.

Find a comfortable spot where you and baby can both relax and enjoy the time spent feeding – in the early days you’ll spend a lot of your time doing this so you want to make sure you’re both comfortable. 

Snacks that can easily be eaten with one hand are ideal as you’ll find that the arm that is holding your baby to your breast is not much use to you, so you want everything you need to be within easy reach of your one free arm.

And don’t forget water! Your body is clever and will remind you of this by sending you a desperate ‘thirsty’ signal as soon as your baby starts to feed. Keeping a full water bottle at your feeding spot is the best way to prepare for this. 

It’s not rocket science, your body will need a few extra calories while you’re a nursing mother and breastfeeding snacks are a good way to get these extra calories in. But sometimes, especially in those brain fog days of early parenthood, it’s hard to think straight, let alone think of what to snack on.

That’s where a good, long list of breastfeeding snack ideas, like this one, can help to give you some snacking inspiration. Keeping your snacks healthy will make you feel better in the long run, but the occasional treat is OK too. Enjoy your breastfeeding time and the breastfeeding snacking that goes with it!

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