The Best Mattress In A Box Australia

February 17, 2022


The Best Mattress In A Box Australia

Not too long ago the idea of buying a bed or mattress in a box was just about unthinkable. A mattress is clearly much too big to fit into a box and surely must be delivered by delivery men in a truck. Those days have gone and I’m here to tell you that buying a mattress in a box is a very common, and convenient, way to purchase your new bed. 

My daughter needed a new mattress, she was waking up with a sore back each morning and her (not very old) springed mattress had developed quite a hollow in it.

We didn’t want to spend a fortune to replace it as we’ve just started building a new house and have promised her a whole new (bigger) bed and mattress for her new room in the new house. But she couldn’t go on for another year or so on her old mattress so we wanted to find a quick, easy and relatively affordable solution.

We had the added complication of living in Melbourne and, while we weren’t actually in lockdown at the time of purchasing her new mattress, we were all still being cautious about spending too much time out and about. Online shopping was the answer (as it so often is!)! 

We researched about as much as you can in choosing a mattress to buy online. We compared prices, delivery times and reviews from a whole bunch of online mattress stores. Ultimately we decided to go with OneBed.

If you watch the video about OneBed here, you’ll probably understand why it was a no brainer to give them a go. What stood out to us was the versatility of the mattress in being able to choose the level of softness or firmness that you prefer.

We also liked that they understand that buying a mattress online can feel a bit risky – I mean, you don’t even get to touch it, let alone lie on it to test it out! But that’s why they actually give you 125 days to try out your new mattress.

Rather than lying on it in a shop or showroom for a few minutes and then committing to your purchase for the next 10 years, OneBed offers you the chance to actually sleep on your new mattress for as many nights as it takes (up to 125!) until you’ve decided if it suits you or not.

There’s really no risk involved at all. If you’re not happy with your mattress at any point in those 125 days of testing time, simply contact them and return your mattress – no harm done!

The other thing that really impressed us was the delivery time and process – it was fast and efficient and they kept us informed every step of the way.

We ordered around lunch time on the day we decided to purchase and it was delivered the very next day. I received text messages, emails, and even a phone call letting me know when the mattress was going to be delivered, and it arrived neatly and simply in a box like this:

mattress in a box melbourne

Set up was easy, in fact you can hardly even call it ‘set up’, it was as simple as opening the box, slicing through the plastic wrapped around the mattress and that was it, the mattress was out of the box!

best mattress in a box australia

We left it for a couple of hours to let it fully expand and relax but, truthfully, it seemed to regain most of its shape within the first few seconds of releasing it from the confines of the box and the plastic wrap.

The first night my daughter slept on her new mattress she was, honestly, unimpressed. She found it too firm for her liking and said she didn’t sleep well. But, that’s the beauty of One Bed, she was able to unzip her mattress and change the layers of foam around until she had a softer, more comfortable layer on top.

australia best mattress in a box

We ordered her new mattress back in November 2021 but I wanted to wait until now (February 2022) before I reviewed it for you on here as I wanted to make sure we wouldn’t be returning it after her 125 night trial – I don’t want to recommend a product to you that we’ve already sent back!

Thankfully, after her initial night of discomfort, now that she has organised the layers of foam to suit her preferences, she is happy, comfortable and settled on her new(ish) mattress. Let’s just say that her 125 days of trial have passed and she’s still happily sleeping on it!

What’s more, when we eventually move into our new house, we’ll be upgrading her to a queen sized bed, but there’s a good chance we’ll be buying her another One Bed mattress to go with her new bed ensemble!

So, don’t be scared of buying a mattress in a box – new materials and modern technology have combined to create a new way of making and shipping mattresses. Not only does this save you money,  but it is also a very comfortable way to sleep.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, we can highly recommend giving OneBed a go – keep an eye out, they often have a sale on, in fact, at the time of writing this, they are offering 40% off sitewide for their birthday sale, making them an even more economical way of buying a new mattress. 

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