Slime Made With Jelly (Jello) – The Best Non Toxic Slime Recipe

July 24, 2020


best non toxic slime recipe

Finally, a child-friendly slime recipe! It seems crazy that a substance meant for kids could actually be toxic, but if you look at the ingredients found in store-bought “slime” you might be surprised at what’s in it.

Kid friendly slime

Even traditional homemade slime uses borax, which is fine for most people but can be irritating to sensitive skin and eyes. I’m not condemning traditional slime here at all – it’s great fun, and most of us don’t seem to be too bothered by borax or the other ingredients used in it. However, I wouldn’t want my kids to eat it! And we all know a lot of kids, especially toddlers, will do just that!

It’s normal for young children to want to explore, and tasting everything they come across is as natural as breathing for a lot of toddlers. So, I was excited to come across this completely safe, non toxic recipe for slime made using jelly. This stuff is so safe and non toxic you could even call it edible. I wouldn’t recommend incorporating into your regular diet, but as it’s a simple concoction of just cornflour, jelly crystals, and water, if your child or toddler does happen to give it a taste, no harm done!

I found the original recipe for this “jelly slime” on the Soccer Mom Blog and I was excited to try it out.

Of course, being in Australia, rather than the USA where the original recipe originated from, I had to adapt the recipe slightly to make use of the ingredients we have available to us here.

The jelly (or jello) slime recipe calls for sugar free jelly. From the original blog post, it seems like they can buy this in fairly big packs in America. I couldn’t find a 1.55 ounce packet at my local Coles, instead, I found this “Jelly Lite” low sugar jelly.

slime made with jello

This packet of jelly comes with 2 sachets of 9g of jelly crystals, so, if we use both sachets, a total of 18 grams of jelly crystals. The original recipe calls for half of a 1.55 ounce packet. A quick conversion converts that amount to roughly 22 grams. So, I made the executive decision that 18 grams is close enough to 22 grams when making slime with jelly.

You’ll be pleased to know that making this non toxic slime is incredibly easy. Begin by adding half a cup of corn flour to a medium sized mixing bowl.

child friendly slime recipe

Then add both of the 9g sachets of sugar free jelly crystals.

slime made with jelly

Mix the cornflour and jelly crystals together with a fork.

edible slime with cornstarch

The original recipe then says to add about 2 Tablespoons of water – we found you’ll need at least ¼ cup of water to get things started.

non toxic slime recipe for toddlers

Mix it together with a fork and then keep gradually adding water and mixing some more until it starts to lump together and look a bit like slime or playdough.

child safe slime recipe
slime recipe safe for toddlers
non toxic slime for toddlers

Once it has reached this consistency it’s a good idea to tip it out onto a baking tray like this one.

safe slime recipe for toddlers

When it’s on a tray like this the mess can be contained within the edges of the pan, but you could also just use a silicone baking/pastry mat, an ice cream bucket or even just play straight on the table.

The beauty of making your own slime at home is you get to decide just how messy you want this play to be. Keep the mixture quite dry and it’s more like playdough. You can even add some little characters to it for some fun, imaginative and sensory play.

slime safe for toddlers

Or, keep adding more water for some really messy, slimy fun!

kid safe slime recipe without borax

safe slime for toddlers
homemade slime non toxic

The good news is, washing up is easy! As it’s just jelly crystals, cornflour and water, this jelly slime washes away quite easily with a bit of soap and water.

safe way to make slime

Most kids love any chance to get messy and this easy, homemade slime is a great, safe way to give them that sensory play that they crave.

However, if you have a sensory avoider – a toddler or little person who doesn’t like to touch messy things, you can still let them experience this (or any other) jelly slime by simply placing it in a snap lock bag.

child friendly slime

The snap lock bag slime method is also great for when you really don’t have time to get dirty or even to keep kids amused in the car or while travelling. Busy fingers can poke, prod and squeeze the slime without making any mess!

child safe slime

easy kid friendly slime recipe

Recipe For Non Toxic Jelly Slime

Slime Made With Jelly


  • ½ cup cornflour
  • 18g (2 x 9g sachets) lite (no sugar) jelly crystals (you can use any flavour you like – we used strawberry and it looked and smelled amazing. From the original blog post it seems you can use regular jelly crystals if you can’t get the low/no sugar kind but it will result in a stickier, messier slime)
  • water


  • Combine the cornflour and jelly crystals in a medium sized mixing bowl.
  • Add about ¼ cup water and mix.
  • Gradually add more water until it reaches a consistency you are happy with.

With its bright, vibrant colour and delicious smell we’re sure you’ll agree that this slime made from jelly is the best non toxic slime recipe around.

It’s perfect for toddlers as the ingredients are so safe it won’t matter if they taste the slime. Quick and easy to make with regular, everyday ingredients, have some fun with your kids, and this jelly slime today!

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