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Sensori Plus Mask Sanitiser Review

September 26, 2021


sensori plus mask sanitiser review

Face masks seem to have become more of a permanent feature in our lives than most of us would like. Here in Melbourne, particularly, we’re still not currently allowed to leave home without wearing a face mask.

For the most part, my family tends to wear disposable face masks – we were lucky enough to have a friend from China who sent us a huge box full of disposable mask supplies right back at the beginning of the pandemic. My youngest, however, prefers to wear reusable cloth face masks.

These are easy enough to throw in the washing machine to freshen them up; however, when I spotted this product from Sensori +, the “Freshshield Mask Sanitiser“, I thought it might be a fun way to freshen up our cloth mask collection.

I ordered my mask sanitiser on Amazon and, as is usual with Amazon deliveries, it arrived within 2 days. Like other products I have tried from Sensori +, the mask sanitiser was in a nice glass bottle although, different to the Sensori+ air fresheners, the mask sanitiser did not come in a box – just the bottle wrapped in bubble wrap. But that seemed to work fine as my bottle was unharmed in transit and in perfect working order when it arrived.

The mask sanitiser comes in the flavour, or fragrance, called ‘Byron Bay Breeze’ which smells fresh and clean and something like a dentist’s room! It is said to kill 99.9% of bacteria, eliminate breath smell and prevent mask acne.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have not had any troubles with mask acne, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness for that. I can, however, attest to the fact that a quick spray of this mask sanitiser on a cloth mask leaves it smelling fresh and clean and, rather than smelling the smell of stale breath while wearing a mask, instead you are left with the smell of a fresh ‘Byron Bay Breeze’!

mask sanitiser spray

The directions on the bottle are clear and easy to use – it even tells you to take the mask off your face before spraying it with the sanitiser! Then you just need to spray your mask with 3-4 pumps of sanitiser before leaving it for 10 seconds or so to dry.

Then your fresh, clean, sanitised cloth mask is ready to go. Instead of smelling stale breath, you’ll smell the fresh, clean smell of the mask sanitiser. The spray’s antibacterial qualities will also help if you’re suffering from mask acne.

As always I love to be able to support local, Australian businesses, so choosing Sensori+ products when possible is a no-brainer as not only are they an Australian business but their products are also made right here in Australia too!

Wearing a mask isn’t fun for anyone – it’s just something we all need to do right now. Make your mask wearing duty a bit more pleasant by grabbing yourself a bottle of Sensori Plus’s Freshshield Mask Sanitiser – a few pumps makes your world feel a whole lot fresher! 

cloth mask freshener spray

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