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Taking Baby Home from the Hospital

August 10, 2018
Taking newborn baby home from hospital

The day finally arrives that you can take your baby home from the hospital! What an exciting day! 

Daddy will probably be beaming and will most likely be keen to get his family back home.

For Mum, emotions will most likely include a mix of excitement and nerves!

Up until now, you have had the midwives to help you with breastfeeding tips, to answers all those questions you have had as well as lend a hand when you were exhausted!

Now comes the time for you to do it by yourself, and this could be a pretty daunting concept.

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What to Expect with a Newborn in the Hospital

August 10, 2018
Newborn baby in Hospital

On Friday the 1st of July at exactly 12:50 pm, we welcomed our newborn baby girl into this world.

Little Avalee-Rose instantly filled our hearts with love, gratitude, and warmth.  We all fell head over heels in love with this tiny newborn child, thankful for what life has blessed us with!

I will briefly share the story of the birth of my newborn baby as well as share some quick tips of what to expect with a newborn in the hospital!

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20 Weeks Pregnant with Avalee-Rose

August 10, 2018
Pregnant at 20 Weeks

Pregnancy is one crazy ride, isn’t it? 

You go through so many emotions, so many different feelings, aches, pains, excitement, nerves, anxiety and roller coaster rides … and not necessarily always the fun type either!

You are happy, then you are sad, excited then you are anxious and then just bloody exhausted!

With my third baby on the way (Andrzej’s first baby experience – being a joint family and all), I kinda knew what I was in for.  You think that it would make things easier, but truly I think it makes it harder as you know exactly what to expect and what is still lying ahead!

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