How to Wash Stuffed Animals: Quick n’ Easy Way!

August 15, 2018


how to wash stuffed animals

Your child’s favorite stuffed toy is something that they seldom part with. It is one of the most essential objects of their life and also the partaker in each of their activities.

So the most important question is: can you wash stuffed animals without destroying it?

And right now we’re talking about taking it from them and washing it, which not only takes time but who knows if it’s going to come out looking just as before. 

To save you from a potential meltdown and heartbreak, we have brought you a step-by-step list of instructions on how to wash a stuffed animal – in the quickest time possible!

What You Will Need to Wash Stuff Animals

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Wash Stuffed Animals

Find below detailed instructions on how to wash stuffed animals.

Tip: Always Check the Tag First

how to wash a stuffed animalTo find out exactly how to wash plush toys, always check the instructions on the tag first. The best way to wash stuffed animals will differ due to the specific features of the soft toy.

For example, you can’t put a plush toy into the washing machine if it is fitted with electronic parts. We also don’t recommend machine washing very old and/or fragile soft toys. Also, think about whether you want to take the risk to machine wash stuffed animals with delicate parts such as glued-on eyes, sequins, buttons etc. 

Machine washing plush toys like Beanie Babies that have small foam balls inside should also be avoided.

The instructions may suggest you do a quick spot clean on such toys instead of a full immersion in a washing machine.

Washing a Plush Toy in the Washing Machine

washing stuffed animalsIf you’re washing stuffed animals in the washer, make sure to remove any additional delicate parts (if possible), secure any strings and make sure to fix any tears that need sewing. 

Avoid using an agitator which might displace the stuffing or batting inside the toy, making it lose its shape. This may also damage the delicate fabric of the toy.

If you have a top loader without a separate soap compartment, make the soap solution before putting the toy in it.

1. Pop your Plush Toy in a Mesh Bag

Remember to always put the toy inside a mesh laundry bag before putting it in the washer. We love the XL drawstring bags for our stuffed toys.  

Tip: If you don’t have one, use a large pillowcase and tie it up with a string.

The mesh bag will protect the toy and catch any delicate attachment that may come undone, from getting lost in the drain.

2. Check the Cycle

Always wash stuffed animals on the gentle or delicate cycle.  Your normal cycle will cause the batting to displace, which can change the shape of your stuffed animal.

3. Temperature Control

Very hot water can damage the fabric of the toy and melt away any glued-on or plastic parts. It is always advisable to use lukewarm to cold water for this purpose. 

How to Wash Soft Toys That Can’t be Machine Washed?

How do you wash stuffed animals with delicate designs or features?

In these cases, you can do a quick spot clean of the toy with some soft soap or shampoo. Apply it with a soft-bristled toothbrush to the area and very gently scrub off the excess grime. Wipe it off with a piece of cloth or towel.

You can even use a solution of baking soda on the fabric and leave it for an hour before wiping it off. This will absorb excess oil and remove tough stains.

Drying your Plush Soft Toy

can you wash stuffed animalsIt is essential for you to thoroughly dry any stuffed toy or plushy before returning them to your child; otherwise, it can develop mildew.

You can dry them the traditional way by hanging them up using clips on a clothesline, in the sun that acts as a natural sanitizer. We love these laundry hooks with clamps to hand them on the line.

Using a dryer is not recommended as it can damage the fragile parts and/or melt the glue that keeps things like eyes attached.  We also find that the spinning action from the dryer can easily change the shape of the soft toy.


To Sum Up

So there you have some quick instructions on how to wash a stuffed animal without ruining it. Washing soft toys don’t have to be stressful, but as a tip, ensure you don’t attempt to wash soft toys close to your child’s nap or sleep times!

We do understand the value of your child’s happiness. Therefore, we are here to make sure that no harm ever comes to their best friend even when you take them for a wash.

Hope you liked our guide about washing your stuffed animals.

You can find more helpful washing tips in the home section of our website.

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