Front Load Washing Machine versus a Top Load Washing Machine

November 11, 2018


Front Loading Washing Machine Review

Washing Machines have become a necessity in most households across the world.

And consumers are looking to get the best value out of the money they spend.

One of the most primary decisions that people need to make before buying a washing machine is choosing between a front-loading machine and a top-loading one.

Each of the options come with their set of pros and cons, and neither is superior to the other. Which option you go for should depend entirely on your requirements and situation.

So, in order to make the task of choosing between a top-loader and front-load a tad bit easier, we’ve made a small comparison between them and listed down their pros and cons!

Front Load Washing Machine vs a Top Load Washing Machine

Find below a quick summary as well as the pros and cons of purchasing either a top load or front loading washing machine.

Once you have decided which type of machine you would like, we recommend you hop over to our guide to help you find the best washing machine for your needs.

1. Front Loading Washing Machines

Washing Machine ReviewsWhen it comes to efficient cleaning and preventing wear and tear, front-loading washing machines prevail over their top loading counterparts.

Front loading washing machines lack a central agitator that can catch the stray threads on your clothes and cause them to rear! Front loaders also usually have a larger loading capacity, which means you’d not need to do laundry as often as you would have to with a top-loader.

And finally, modern front loaders are far more energy efficient, requiring much less water, electricity and detergent as compared to top loaders!


  • No Central agitator and hence more gentle on your clothes
  • Front loaders are much less noisy during spin cycles
  • More energy efficient – requires less detergent and water
  • Don’t have ‘balance’ issues as in case of top loaders
  • The lack of an agitator makes room for large items like blankets and quilts


  • Can take a very long time to run cycles. In some cases, it can be as long as two hours.
  • Lacks flexibility. Once you start a cycle, you can’t pause and add more items that might have forgotten
  • More prone to mould formation

The best Front-Loading washing machine in Australia is the Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer. This machine consistently gets fabulous reviews and good ratings.

Bosch Front Loading 8 kg automatic washing machine review

>>> You can grab the Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer from eBay.

2. Top Loading Washing Machines

Top Loading Washing Machine Review

The most compelling plus point of top-loading washing machines is they are way less expensive as compared to front-loading ones. And they still take care of all the essential functions that you’d expect out of a washing machine!

The cheaper price point makes it a more suitable option for short-term living situations, such as rental apartments, and for commercial usage. Top-loaders are also much more ergonomically friendly as they allow you to load all your laundry at waist height instead of having to bend over every time you need to load your machine!


  • They are much quicker than front loaders with some models having only 20-minute cycles
  • You don’t require special detergents with top-loaders
  • Can be paused mid cycle
  • Allows you to soak items
  • Top loaders are much cheaper to repair as compared to front-loaders


  • Top-loaders have central agitators which can cause wear and tear to your clothes
  • They are less energy efficient and require much more water and detergent
  • They also require more space to accommodate

The best Top-Loading washing machine in Australia is the Astivita Washing Machine Top Loader.

Astivita Washing Machine Top Loader

>> You can grab the Astivita 7kg Top Load Washer from Amazon Australia.

Or, if this one is out of stock, try the Carson CST9D3P 9kg Top Load Washing Machine.

Choosing between a front-loader and a top-loader can be a difficult choice to make. Through this article, we hope we have simplified that process by breaking down the pros and cons of each.

Depending on your requirements, and the conditions of your living space, you should now be easily able to make your choice!

You can find more helpful washing tips in the home section of our website.

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