Breville Kitchen Wizz 11 Review

May 12, 2020


Breville Kitchen Wizz 11 Review

Speaking of advanced technology that makes our contemporary lifestyle more manageable, the convenience that food processors offer outdoes any personal cooking assistant.

But finding a reliable (and reasonable) food processor that’ll amaze you with multiple features isn’t as simple as it may seem. Anyhoo, we had recently tested the Breville Kitchen Wizz 11, and we were satisfied enough to suggest it to anyone looking for a low-budget food processor.

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Breville Kitchen Wizz 11 Review

And in case you’re planning to buy one, here’s why you should give Kitchen Wizz 11 a try.

Breville The Kitchen Wizz 11 Food Processor, BFP680BAL - Brushed Aluminium

Why Buy This Product?

When it comes to products that have redefined cooking with their top-notch features, the Breville Kitchen Wizz 11 is a household name that we can’t overlook.

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Breville Kitchen Wizz 11 Features

Here’s the essential set of features that make it worth everyone’s attention.

Quad Blades

It’s rather safe to say that this product straight up chops its competition, all thanks to its razor-sharp quad blades. It comes equipped with four edgy blades that can cut through vegetables with precision without losing consistency.

We’re also impressed with how well its blades work when it comes to processing meat in large quantities.

Induction Motor

Within such a bargain-basement budget, it’s fantastic how energy-efficient of a food processor the Kitchen Wizz 11 from Breville is! Its single-speed magnetic motor has been specially engineered to last for years to come, without malfunctioning.

Also, the induction motor runs at a maximum capacity of 1,000 watts, which makes cooking in large quantities easy as a cake.

Advanced Secondary Features

Its metal disc shafts are built with reinforced stainless steel, which assures a long-lasting product life. Furthermore, its intelligent design allows it to directly sit above the motor to acquire optimal balance and power.

Last but not least, the motor comes with an extended 10-year warranty period. So, the question here is – who wouldn’t want a reliable one-stop solution that makes chopping, slicing, grinding, and pureeing feel like a walk in the park?

What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this product comes equipped with a well-performing motor, we’re a little upset with how it overheats after being used for a while. Also, this product serves as a decent all-rounder when it comes to food processing, and that’s why it’s not as quick at chopping as typical meat/vegetable choppers.

Pros and Cons of Breville Kitchen Wizz 11

Here are some key pros and cons of the Kitchen Wizz 11:


  • Budget-friendly product
  • Built with reinforced stainless steel
  • Induction motor
  • 10-year warranty period


  • Overheating issues

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If you’re a busy professional with very little time to handle chores, then the Breville Kitchen Wizz 11 is the ultimate kitchen companion that is guaranteed to complement your lifestyle.

It bridges the gap between large-scale production and user convenience with the several features it packs within a compact body. So, our verdict here is that it’s a smart option to opt for if you’re running low on budget.

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