Best Travel Stroller Australia Review: Makes Travelling With Small Kids Much Easier

September 22, 2021


Best Travel Stroller Australia Review

Travelling with young children can be difficult! You have plenty to carry with you, whether you’re just going out on a day trip or flying overseas.

I know travelling overseas, or even interstate, seems like something from a different era for a lot of Australians right now, but, trust me, we will all be back to travelling again soon! And when you do start planning that trip with the family, you’re going to want to set yourselves up with a good travel stroller.

Travel strollers are perfect for travelling because they’re lower in weight, fold more compactly, and often have lots of other cool features making them perfect for travel.

So, if you’re here reading this, you’re probably looking to find the best travel stroller in Australia, and, fortunately that’s what we’re going to reveal to you. With so many options out there, it can be daunting and exhausting to sift through all the relevant information to choose the best travel stroller for your needs.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and have researched the current market and found some excellent solutions for you.

Here at Mum Knows Best we’ve chosen what we believe are the top 3 compact strollers for travel and we’ve combined our suggestions with an informative buying guide to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing your travel stroller.

Let’s start the journey (see what I did there!) and discover which travel stroller will suit you best.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In A Travel Stroller

You will have to analyze several factors to ensure that you get the correct stroller for taking care of your child on your trip. Here are a few variables that you need to examine before buying the best travel pram in Australia.

Pram’s Size & Weight

A travelling stroller’s lightweight & compact nature distinguishes it from any other form of child transporting equipment.

It must be compact enough to fold and light enough to be transported around the airports, beaches, and public transportation if necessary.

Durability & Material

Your travel stroller may not be necessary for everyday usage, but it must be sufficiently sturdy to cope with the rigours of air and other public transportation. Robust steel and aluminium frames are far more durable than plastic frames, so be sure to go for a travel stroller constructed from sturdy materials.

The fabric part of your stroller should be constructed of nylon or other rip-resistant material. It also has to be waterproof to some extent (since not all carriers have rain covers) and should be simple to wipe over for easy cleaning and hygienic reasons.

The Age of Your Child

Newborn babies have to lie flat in their prams, and it is only suggested that they be raised to more of a sitting position between 3-6 months old.

A youngster who is not old enough to walk needs a travel stroller with a few additional frills and paddles than the most basic strollers can give. So consider the age of your kid before buying one.

Folding and Portability

Facilities for easy folding are necessary and much more beneficial if you can operate them alone. You need a stroller that flips open and folds anywhere if you tote your child or loads of stuff.

Safety and Convenience

With the precious cargo that they carry, it’s a no brainer that you want your travel stroller to be safe. A secure 5-point harness and shoulder straps should be used to keep your child safe, and seats should be cushioned and ventilated for comfort.


You may pay more if the strollers are premium and come from a famous brand. The majority of basic, no-frills strollers are cheap and feature a seat, shade, four wheels, and a tiny grocery basket – but maybe that’s all you need, especially if you’re just buying a travel stroller for one quick trip or holiday.


I think that the most incredible stroller is a sleeping one – especially if you have a small child that takes regular naps. A leisurely travel pram gives you the ability to remain and explore longer while your youngster sleeps, comfortably, in their pram.

Bear in mind, too, that even the tiniest travel stroller reclining is probably larger and less compact than a fixed-seat.

Our Top Picks



Best For

Check Price

GB Pockit Air All-terrain Stroller

Best Compact

Maxi Cosi Lara Compact Stroller

Extendable Sunshade

Betti Gran Stroller With Adjustable Footrest

Adjustable Footrest

If you’re looking for the best compact stroller for travel, then our first pick, GB Pockit Air All-terrain Stroller, could be the option to watch out for.

Compact and light sliders can make your life easier if you regularly travel or wish to travel to the park with your stroller. But not every tiny, lightweight, and portable stroller is a good one.

To hold your infant safely, it must be sturdy. You and your child should both be comfortable so you can both walk and explore the world. Let’s see all the characteristics of GB Pockit.

“The compact size is the Pockit’s largest pro.”

It’s believed that the Pockit is the smallest available stroller, which measures an amazing 11.8 x 7 x 13.8 inches when folded. The storage basket is exceptionally tiny and can only bear the essential things – indeed, not a big painting bag or shopping bag from the shops across town.

This is the most straightforward stroller to set up by far. Why? Because no assembly is necessary! Yes, that’s accurate. We just removed it, unfolded it in 2 quick steps, and it was ready to go.


  • Compact size
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Setup
  • It fits in small spaces


  • The basket storage is minimal.
  • The sunshade is not effective.
  • Hard to adapt to harness.


Why Do We Recommend It?

Pockit is the toughest kit with little or non-existent functionality to operate. One major reason why people buy the Pockit is because you can put it in the overhead storage on an airplane.

The Lara stroller is exceptionally light and small, and ready to be easily transported anywhere. Just because you have a young child, you don’t have to stop taking part in all your favorite activities like dining, shopping, or holidays.

It is easy to go through your daily travels with this incredibly handy stroller. It handles all turns, folds with a single touch, and packs easily into the tiniest space. Lara is pretty light, and once you get where you’re going, it’s simple to carry with a comfortable strap over your shoulder.

The all-wheel suspension is easy to handle and delivers a smooth ride. The seat reclines into sleep positions making it perfect for young children who nap. Breathable seat pads and ultra-padded fabric provide excellent comfort, again perfect if your child needs a sleep.

The cup holder includes two additional baskets for additional storage. The extended UPF 50 protective sunshade makes it distinctive from other strollers.

Now, you can plan every excursion, knowing that you will have enough space to store necessities, such as nappies, clothing, food, drinks or even some of your own stuff!


  • Protective Sunshade
  • One-hand maneuverability.
  • Superior Fabrics
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent comfort


  • Bit expensive
  • Not flat
  • Not recommended for babies older than six months


Why Do We Recommend Lara?

We recommend Lara for excellent sunshade protection & easy one-hand maneuverability.

Are you looking for an adjustable footrest with a soft padding-based stroller? Then you should check out our 3rd and last pick, “Betti Gran Stroller.”

Perfect for shopping excursions, holidays, and daily demands, this is a practical, small and lightweight stroller which will carry a baby from A to B comfortably.

The Betti Gran features a soft, extendable canopy and a five-point harness as well as offering a completely relaxed sitting position and padded base which could be put to good use after a busy day – perfect for sleeping heads and tired legs.

Betti Gran weighs 7.6 kgs and is appropriate for babies from birth to age three.


  • 5 point harness
  • Fully reclining seat
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Peek-a-boo window


  • Expensive Stroller


Why Do We Recommend Betti?

The fully reclining seat and adjustable footrest make this pram perfect for even older kids who still need to take a nap after a long day of travelling or sight seeing.

Practical, efficient, and comfortable, Gran is here to help and will always be helpful!

There are many decisions parents have to make over the years of raising their family, choosing the best travel stroller is just one of them, and a fairly insignificant one at that!

Hopefully we’ve taken some of the stress out of this decision for you by presenting you with our 3 best suggestions that fit the bill for the best travel stroller available in Australia right now.

If you are an Australian traveler or a visitor to our shores, choosing one of the above 3 picks will set you on the right track to enjoying a fuss free travel experience with your family.

Light travel prams make it easy to travel, and we recommend the GB Pockit Air All-terrain Stroller as the best overall choice for a good travel stroller in Australia.


What stroller can I take on an aircraft?

In addition to the carry-on limit, a stroller with a diameter, not more than 25.5 cm or more and a length not more than 92 cm, irrespective of the destination, is allowed.

The GB Pockit Air All-terrain Stroller is considered ‘hand luggage compliant’ and reduces to a ‘handbag shaped package’ in seconds making it the perfect stroller to take travelling on an airplane.

How do you pack a travel stroller?

Wrap the stroller in a garbage bag or use commercial airport plastic wrapping to keep the stroller fresh and clean.

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