Ultimate Guide on How to Choose the Best Travel Pillow

August 29, 2018


Travel pillows are an essential travel accessory that can greatly affect the quality of your trip.

Travel pillows are brilliant for all sorts of mode of transports. We love to use our pillow on the plane, on trains, on busses as well as during long car transfers.

But, that being said, with so many types of travel pillows on the market, it can be difficult to select the right one.

Well, worry no further! Because we have brought you the necessary guidelines to help you select the perfect travel pillow for your next trip.

How to Choose The Best Travel Pillow

Best Travel Pillow

Let us help you figure out which features you would like to have in your travel pillow.  Here are some of our own personal preferences when we go on a hunt for a new pillow for travel purposes.

1. The Flexibility of the Pillow

Select a pillow that will be flexible and durable enough to adapt to your sleeping patterns while on the go.

A pillow that is cumbersome and inflexible may put unnecessary pressure on the neck, spine, and shoulders and lead to unwanted aches cropping up in the body. It is always medically advisable to select a pillow which is suited to your sleep movements.

2. Space Efficiency

You wouldn’t want to walk with your regular huge pillow under your arm while traveling now, would you?

Inflatable travel pillows are space-efficient and can be quickly packed as compared to regular foam pillows or cushions. Travel pillows are designed to be travel-friendly and durable against harsh outdoor conditions.

Consider deciding on something that won’t be a hassle to take along.

3. Quality and Durability

When we talk about pillows, we think about how soft or hard they can be.

Not all pillows are equally soft or hard or resilient, in that matter. Pillows made for use at home are generally softer and finer than the ones meant for outdoor use.

If you plan to carry a luxury pillow or cushion on your travel, make sure that it is durable and resilient enough to adapt to vehicular motion or other environmental factors. Otherwise, it may get damaged and ripped apart due to rough usage and severe external conditions.

4. Overall Comfort

The sole purpose of a pillow is to provide you with comfort.

One would often overlook this essential factor while choosing a travel pillow and end up settling for something that may be irksome or uncomfortable to the say the least.

Look for travel and vehicle-friendly pillows that would sit correctly on your neck and shoulders, providing comfort to your head, putting the entire body to rest. Also, remember that you might have to spend long hours travelling.

A comfortable travel pillow for long-haul flights or journeys will give you the required amount of rest and prevent any exhaustion on the trip.

5. Different Kinds of Pillow for Different Locations

Best Pillow for Travel

The sort of pillow that you would carry along on your travel depends on the kind of places you’re going to or the mode of transport you are likely to use.

You can choose between a flat pillow or a basic neck travel pillow that lies curled around your neck and comfortably rests your head.

A flat pillow is suitable for almost all kinds of outdoor use such as camping or any outing of that sort. It can also be easily used in spacious vehicles.

You can opt for a curled travel pillow for airplanes or train journeys instead of a regular one. Apart from being a compact choice, inflatable neck pillows will ensure that your head and neck are rested in proper positions as you sleep, preventing any probability of strain or obstruction.

Some pillows can additionally have extra spaces for air circulations around an already solid center and can be beneficial for use under different circumstances.

6. Price

 Make sure that you’re getting a fair deal for your money.

Although it might not be costly, it is going to be an essential travel accessory nonetheless. Prioritize comfort and usability of the object for your purpose over everything else.

No matter where you are in the world, comfort is always going to be something we look for in every situation. If you make the right choices, even a simple thing like a travel pillow can help you preserve good memories of a trip, which otherwise is bound to get pretty sleepless!

So, which ones do we recommend?

Finding the best travel pillow really comes down to your personal choice and what suits your needs – some people love a wrap-around style travel pillow while others feel like it’s strangling them!

Here are a few of the best available travel pillows of different styles:

If you’re comfortable having something wrapped around your neck, consider an infinity pillow.

Huzi - Infinity Pillow

These are versatile in that you can twist them and use them in whichever shape best suits your head and neck at the time but, on the downside, they are quite large and could be cumbersome to travel with.

If you like the idea of the neck wrap around style but are worried about it taking up too much space, the TRTL pillow could be the travel pillow of your dreams as it’s designed to be nice and compact for travelling.

Trtl Pillow

If you’re a memory foam fan who likes comfort but firm support, we’d suggest the Flyscape neck pillow.

Flyscape Travel Pillow

Not only is the pillow incredibly comfortable, it also comes with some other cool travel accessories including a foot hammock which is perfect to make those long haul flights more bearable.

For a super compact travel pillow, you can’t go past an inflatable one. Personally, I don’t find them as comfortable as the other options here, but, if you really need to save space, one of these nifty little pillows can fold up so small you could fit it in your pocket or handbag, and it’s certainly a better option than having nothing to support your head and neck while travelling.

AIEOE Travel Pilow

Hope you liked our guide, let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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