Best Eco Friendly Nappies Australia

September 29, 2021


best eco friendly nappies australia

Have you been thinking about switching to eco-friendly nappies? Whether you’re feeling guilty from peer group pressure from your Mother’s group or whether you’re just committed to being environmentally responsible, choosing an eco-friendly nappy seems like the right way to go.

From the impact on landfill waste by using regular disposable nappies to the environmental impacts of washing cloth nappies, it’s hard to know which sort of nappies to choose. You want to do the right thing by both your baby and the environment but, sometimes, it just seems like you can’t please everyone.

You need a nappy that is soft and comfortable for your baby and that doesn’t leak (for your own sanity) as well as a nappy that is environmentally conscious and won’t be creating either masses of landfill waste or a huge strain on our water and energy supplies. Does such a product exist?

eco friendly nappies australia

While you might think that switching to ‘eco friendly nappies’ will mean switching to cloth nappies and all of the soaking, washing, drying and folding that goes hand in hand with cloth nappies, in actual fact, cloth nappies are not as ‘eco friendly’ as you might think.

Cloth nappies, even modern cloth nappies or reusable nappies, are not the number one choice as far as the environment goes. The constant washing and drying required to clean and maintain cloth nappies has been reported to create more carbon emissions than disposable nappies.

An experiment was done and reported on by The Conscious, in which they compared the environmental impact between cloth nappies and regular disposable nappies over a period of two and a half years – about the length of time your baby will need to use nappies of some sort. 

The regular washing and drying of the cloth reusable nappies caused 570kg of carbon emissions, even when they allowed for three out of every four loads of nappies to be line dried, with one out of the four being dried in the clothes drier.

cloth nappies drying on line

Meanwhile the eco nappies, or environmentally friendly disposable nappies used in the trial, only accounted for 550kg of carbon emissions.

Sure, over a two and a half year period that’s only a difference of 20kg of carbon emissions but, frankly, eco friendly nappies not only performed better but they’re easier to use than cloth nappies which add a huge workload to your laundry with all the washing, drying and folding required. 

So, it’s fair to say that Eco-friendly nappies are better for the environment than cloth nappies! Good news for new parents who don’t have the time or the inclination to spend any spare minutes doing laundry!

environmentally friendly nappies australia

What’s The Difference Between Regular Disposable Nappies And Eco-Friendly Nappies?

The biggest difference between commonly bought, regular disposable nappies and eco-friendly nappies is that regular disposable nappies just don’t break down. There have been reports of finding nappies from the 1980s still intact in landfill.

These things are virtually indestructible! Eco friendly disposable nappies, on the other hand, have been made from biodegradable materials which means that, while yes, they do take up space and create waste in landfill, they will at least biodegrade or break down over time.

What are Eco Friendly Nappies Made From?

To be biodegradable, or at least partly biodegradable, eco-friendly nappies are usually made from natural materials such as bamboo.

Bamboo is a great choice for this sort of product as it is highly absorbent as well as being naturally hypoallergenic. Bamboo is also a sustainable product as it grows quickly with minimal water required and doesn’t need pesticides to keep it healthy.

best biodegradable nappies australia

So, Which Are The Best Eco Friendly Nappies Available In Australia?

That’s easy! Our pick for the best eco friendly nappies is Ecoriginals. Ecoriginals boldly claims to offer ‘The World’s Greenest Nappies and Wipes’, but it’s not just a claim, this company stands behind their products and has plenty to be proud of in the environmentally friendly baby products market.

Here are some of the reasons why, if you’re serious about being environmentally friendly but also want to look after your baby’s needs, you should check out the range offered by Ecoriginals:

  • Their nappies are made with over 90% natural ingredients – every layer is 100% plant based, meaning it’s all natural materials where it matters most. There are only two small areas (around the tabs and the leg cuffs) which are not yet 100% natural, but watch this space – they’re on track to get there in 2022!
  • Their nappies are designed with your baby in mind – so you know they are going to fit well and be soft and comfortable on your precious baby’s skin, protecting them from rashes and irritation.
  • Their nappies are 40% more absorbent – they’ve done the testing and confirmed that their core, which uses ‘Plantcell Technology’ is ultra absorbent and unrivalled.
  • Their nappies come wrapped in 100% compostable packaging – not only does the packaging decompose in your compost bin or pile, it’s also a wonderful worm food! 
  • Your plastic impact using these nappies is zero!
  • Ecoriginals is committed to sustainability and actively works to be as environmentally friendly as possible by being plastic neutral and committing to carbon offset projects. They’re even involved in a tree planting project in Madagascar!

Getting started on your journey with eco friendly nappies is easy with a company like Ecoriginals. There’s a Nappy Fit Guide to help you figure out the best size nappy for your baby, and it even helps you estimate how many nappies you are likely to need each day based on your baby’s age.

If you’re already comfortable using a regular disposable nappy and are nervous about making the switch to these eco friendly nappies – what if they leak? Cause a rash? Don’t fit? Don’t worry! There’s a trial pack available for purchase which is only $24.95 with free shipping Australia wide.

The trial pack comes with 1 full pack of nappies (actual quantity will vary depending on size) as well as a pack of compostable baby wipes to try. So, you can test them out and check the size before making any huge financial commitment, knowing that every nappy you use is leaving less of an impact on our environment than any other sort of nappy you may have tried before.

We’re all trying to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly these days and a simple decision such as changing from regular disposable nappies to eco friendly nappies can help you to achieve your own sustainability goals. Care for your baby and the environment by making this simple switch today!

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