6 Months Stats and Info for Avalee-Rose!

August 1, 2019


6 Month Old Stats

This month was a big month with my sweet little girl.

Being December, we got to enjoy our very first Christmas with you! It was lots of fun, we even bought you a special outfit for the day. We spent Christmas Eve with the Ejmont’s and heading over for Christmas brunch at the du Preez’s.

A Baby girl in white bedding at home look nice

We also hopped on a plane again. This time we travelled to Sydney for the massive NYE fireworks. I was a bit sceptical about how you would go with a noisy celebration. You did shed a few tears but once we reassured you that it was all good, you actually enjoyed watching the display in the sky!

Towards the end of this month you also started crawling! And within a blink of an eye, you are now getting up to mischief everywhere! Pulling yourself up on things you shouldn’t be, getting hold of computer cords and other bits and pieces. I have to keep my eye on you at all times now.

Best Baby Wrap Carrier

I do think your crawling is totally adorable. But gosh you started moving around so early!! It completely took me by surprise. This month has been a good month and I have really enjoyed every minute of it.


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6 Months Baby Stats and Info

Here are some stats and info on what Aalee-Rose was able to achieve and enjoy at 6 months of age.

Miss Avie’s 6-Month-Old Milestones

Baby Crawling

  • You can roll over from front to back and vice versa. Which is great because I leave you to play and you can get around a bit.
  • I taught you how to say ‘Mama’ although it is still very rare and you were mostly stuck on ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ whilst pulling the oddest little faces!
  • Towards the end of this month, you surprised us by starting to crawl.
  • At the end of the month you were able to pull yourself up against various objects (although you would often fall backwards as your balance wasn’t that great yet!)
  • You have managed to pull yourself up to standing position in the cot.  You pulled down all the baskets from the changing table.  Daddy had to lower the cot down to the lower level.  Regardless you can still pull yourself up to standing, where you munch away on the railings.
  • You love your food, you have food three times a day now.
  • Your teeth are starting to annoy you, but there is no sign of the toothy-pegs peeking out yet!  I’m sure we will see them soon though!

6 Month Old Baby Sleep

Baby Sleeping

  • We are still struggling slightly with your daytime sleeps.  You are now sleeping in your cot and out of our arms, but you barely ever have a complete nap and mostly wake up a bit cranky as you are still tired.  Sometimes it is a burp that wakes you up and unless we hold and rock you, you just don’t settle back to sleep.
  • I’m very thankful that you are starting to fall asleep in the car as well as in the pram!  It definitely makes life easier.
  • Nighttime sleep is not too bad.  You tend to go down for your sleep at around 7 pm.  You typically wake up 1-2 times in a night for a feed.  Your morning typically starts around 5 am which is too early for me!  Thankfully your Dad doesn’t mind getting up with you most of the time!!  He is an awesome Daddy!

Other Baby Bits to Record

  • Your eye colour hasn’t changed yet and I believe that you might possibly be a blue-eyed girl forever now!
  • Your hair is slowly lightening up.  Definitely moving towards being closer to your Dad’s hair colour than mine!
  • You still love playing with your feet!  I adore this stage, it is so cute!
  • Your favourite toy up until now has been to be in the Bouncer, but with you moving, you don’t have much patience for it anymore!
  • You were spoilt for XMAS, you got a rocking horse from your Ejmont Grandparents.  An Activity Walker from the du Preez grandparents, gorgeous clothes and toys from the Aunties and Uncles. A walking ring from us plus more!
  • Your sisters are definitely getting more involved with you now!  They love cuddling you and they enjoy playing with you (if even for short periods at a time)

Travelling with our Baby

traveling with a little one

This month we were sent on a job to Sydney. It was a fabulous trip as we celebrated NYE there as well.  You were a total sweetheart on the plane rides, no drama at all.  And it was mostly easy to get out and about and explore with you.

We still always travel with both your big baby stroller as well as our favorite Ergobaby Baby Carrier as well.

I think baby girl that you are growing too fast!  We love watching you learn, we love seeing you reach all those ‘firsts’.  But slow down a touch!  You are my last baby and I want to treasure every single moment!

Love Always,

Your Mummy


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