20 Weeks Pregnant with Avalee-Rose

August 10, 2018


Pregnant at 20 Weeks

Pregnancy is one crazy ride, isn’t it? 

You go through so many emotions, so many different feelings, aches, pains, excitement, nerves, anxiety and roller coaster rides … and not necessarily always the fun type either!

You are happy, then you are sad, excited then you are anxious and then just bloody exhausted!

With my third baby on the way (Andrzej’s first baby experience – being a joint family and all), I kinda knew what I was in for.  You think that it would make things easier, but truly I think it makes it harder as you know exactly what to expect and what is still lying ahead!

Don’t get me wrong! I love the knowledge that I have a tiny miracle growing inside me!  I know how special this gift is and I treasure these moments of being pregnant, whether they are fun or not!  But it truly is a challenging journey … or at least it is for me!

17-weeks-PregnantThe beauty that keeps me moving forward and progressing from one week to the next is the special things you look forward to.

For a few weeks now I have been able to feel all sorts of flutters and movements in my uterus, the thought of my growing healthy baby a reminder of the miracle of life!  Together with that, we recently found out what gender our little munckin is as well.  But you know what?  I’m evil and I’m going to leave the big revealing of the gender till the end of my story. Hah!

So here I am, currently 20 weeks pregnant, officially halfway through my pregnancy. A thought that rather terrifies me as well as excites the living crap out of me.

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I have two gorgeous daughters from a previous marriage.  Katie-Lee is 10 years old and Lily is 6. Since getting married to my current amazing husband, Andrzej, we always knew that we wanted to have a child together someday as well.

So after a year of getting frustrated with trying to fall pregnant, out of the blue, just as we were about to give up, we fell pregnant.  Now we have all sorts of challenges as we try to figure out what we want our lives to look like with a baby in the picture.

So here I am, counting down weeks till I meet our precious little bubba. But I am an enjoying counting down.

~ I am enjoying feeling the flutters that are keeping me company throughout my days and nights!

~ I am enjoying the excitement and pride on my husbands face every time we go to an ultrasound or appointment.

~ And I am totally in love with how excited and in-love my two daughters are with this baby bump of mine.

So I guess you want to know which gender baby will join our family?

Ultrasound Image of Baby at 20 Weeks

Please meet our precious new bundle of joy. A perfect little baby, as sweet as can be. Healthy and growing just the way that SHE should be.  Yes, ladies and gents. We are adding another daughter to our family of 4. Poor Andrzej is completely and totally outnumbered now. But we are thrilled and we are excited and we can’t wait to meet her in 20 weeks time.

In the meantime, it might be time to start thinking about the birthing plan. I found this great website that walks you step by step through the thought processes involved in creating a birthing plan. It even includes a free PDF template! Hop over to the Natural Earthy Mamma to read more.

Ciao for now! x

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